Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spoilers 10/13

  • Sam and Jason help a pregnant woman in trouble and Sam thinks of her dead baby.
  • Jason issues Claudia a warning.
  • Alexis confronts Sam about Molly.
  • Rumor: Alexis forbids Sam from any unsupervised contacts with Molly and Kristina.
  • Alexis and Sam have a rift but come together when Kristina faces big problems.
  • Sam has family trouble coming!
  • Rumor: Sam's Daddy hits PC
  • Patrick and Robin gives Jason and Sam information about Ian.
  • The basement where Jasam are trapped belongs to someone that Ian was calling several times a week for months before he died. They find medical records for all of Ian, Patrick and Robin's patients.
  • Sam changes her mind and refuses to help Jason investigate Ian
  • Sam and Jason discuss her baby that died after they come across Sam's medical records.
  • Rumor: Jason pulls Sam out of the water.
  • Alexis tells Olivia that Sam's father was nothing like Sonny and Ric. She calls him "evil" and says she cannot look at Sam without being reminded of him. This is after she tells Sam that she doesn't want her around Kristina or Molly unsupervised.
  • James Franco's storyline is mostly with Jason and Sam.
  • Jason ends up in a position he can't get out of.
Teen Scene...
  • Kiefer continues to pressure Kristina.
  • Kristina takes the next step with Kiefer.
  • Kristina tells Michael she had sex with Kiefer.
  • Michael remembers the entire memory of Claudia.
  • Jax wants to know what Michael remembers about Jerry.
  • Michael tells Johnny he knows Claudia was responsible for his shooting.
Spenser & Cassadines...
  • Luke goes to Alexis with help about the new Cassadine in town.
  • Alexis isn't cooperative.
  • Nik admits Helena into GH.
  • Liz encounters Helena who reveals that she knows they've slept together.
  • Helena taunts Nik about his feelings for Liz.
  • Nik ships Helena to Switzerland.
  • Alexis recognizes that Helena's fear of Valentin is real.

  • Carly goes into labor.
  • Jax fears that Carly will never forgive him.
  • Jane Jax arrives in PC 11/9
  • Dante finds out that Sonny knows he's a cop.
  • Lulu offers Dante a place to stay.
  • Lulu and Dante end up sleeping together.
  • Sonny finds out that he's a cop named Dante Falconeri and realizes that Dante was born nine months after he took Olivia's virginity.
  • Dante tells Lulu the truth.
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Claudia is determined to get pregnant by Dante.
  • Claudia attempts to blackmail to get what she wants.
  • Olivia decides its time to meet with Anthony Z.
  • Sonny and Claudia spend some time together in Puerto Rico
  • Jax steps in to get Dante reassigned to the case.
  • Olivia realizes that Jax called in a favor to get Dante back on the case.
  • Johnny confronts Olivia with the news that Dante is her son.
  • Rumor: Rumor has it that there's a final scene which won't play until the end of the murder mystery when Claudia is seen sitting on a beach reading a Port Charles paper and when a waiter offers her a drink she says she can't take it because of baby.
L&L2, Niz, Necca...
  • Liz heads home to tell Lucky the engagement is off but Lucky suprises her with an engagement party.
  • Lucky punches Nik when he learns of the affair
  • 10/19 Lesley Webber appears.


Anonymous said...

What the heck Alexis won't let some around her sisters unsupervised.
Have you heard anything on how they are going to bring JJ on yet?.

Perla said...

I can't take anymore of Alexis and Sam's bad mom/daughter relationship. The writers are taking way too long with this. When are they finally going to explore in detail why and how Alexis got pregnant and why she hates/loves Sam. I feel so sorry for Sam. She doesn't really fit in anywhere. Not with Alexis because she think she's a bad influence on her girls or with Jason because they have yet to have Jason appologize for the way he treated her during their time apart. Crap! Sam needs a break!

JAgirl281 said...

Alexis is a judgemental hypocrite!