Friday, October 16, 2009

Spoilers 10/16

  • Jason and Sam finally get the goods on Claudia.
  • Graffiti ends up all over town and its connected to Jason.
  • Rumor: Sam takes a bullet for Carly; Someone mysterious puts blanks in Claudia's gun.
  • Jason shows Sonny the proof.
  • Sam and Jason save a pregnant woman.
  • Sam opens up to Jason about the baby she lost.

Slaudia Vs Solivia...
  • Sonny asks Claudia to join him for a business trip in Puerto Rico.
  • Sonny and Claudia intimidate some Brazilian mobsters together.
  • Sonny is impressed by how Claudia deals with a problematic associate.
  • Sonny plans a celebration for Claudia that she will never forget.
  • Johnny and Olivia decide to see each other in secret.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael remembers Jerry revealing the truth while he was in a coma.
  • Michael warns Johnny that Claudia's time is running out.
  • Jax gets nervous when he learns that Michael remembers.
  • Jax fears that Carly will never forgive him.
  • When Dante is revealed as Sonny's child Carly tries to help Sonny see Olivia's point of view.
Niz & L&L2...
  • Nik and Liz begin to worry that Helena will drop the bomb on Lucky.
  • Liz realizes she can't marry Lucky.
  • Lucky throws and engagement party for Liz.
  • Luke feels that Liz is hesitant about remarrying Lucky.
  • Elizabeth goes and tells Nikolas she has decided to marry Lucky.
  • Dante refuses Claudia's advances.
  • Claudia threatens to tell Sonny.
  • Dante recognizes unique graffiti he's seen before.
  • Jax tells Dante he wants Sonny taken down at any cost.
  • Dante gets nervous when Jax insists on poking his nose in the case.
  • Spinelli does research on the graffiti in the ally.
  • Lisa comes to town for Medical reasons.
  • Rumor: Robin learns that Lisa and Patrick were married because of a drunken mistake but annulled it immediately or so they thought. Robin and Patrick aren't really married.


Anonymous said...

Sami only you can find this out for all of us. What does the grafitti have to do with Jason. It's all over the websites that there is a connection. please explain.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's driving me insane everytime there's that graffiti thing at the end of an episode. I know it's connected to Jason, I just wanna know how/why. :)