Monday, October 19, 2009

Spoilers 10/


  • Rumor: Maxie is raped, she accuses Dante. Lulu will stand by him which will tear their friendship apart. Dante isn't the rapist. The rapist is revealed after they attack another victim. Maxie's rape will revert her back to what she once was, Spinelli won't be able to help her. Someone else that she leaned on before will (Lucky?).
Cassadine & Spenser
  • Valentin will de-Cassadine someone.
  • Rebecca is in fact Emily, expect the hints to start to drop the 2nd week of Novemeber.
  • Nikolas pieces the clues together.
  • GH has started to re-shoot critical scenes of the Black and White Ball revealing what transpired.
  • Rumor: Jax and Carly's daughter will be kidnapped and unexpected person that was presumed dead returns her.
  • Rumor: Carly thinks that Jax is selfish and doesn't deserve to be a father (meaning she tries to keep their baby from Jax with Jason's help). But Jax fights her hard.
Slaudia Vs Solivia...
  • Rumor: Anthony cuts a deal with the Feds to be released from prison.


Anonymous said...

No Jasam!! :(

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Give some news about jasona dn the grafitti connection.

Taylor said...

1. Maxie raped and blaming Dante? Stupid. And if Lulu says it isn't him, why does Maxie have to be so stupid and tear her friendship apart over it? Lazy writing. Although I am interested to see Maxie go back to the way she was, and potentially lose Spinelli. Poor guy. I hate to say this, but I think a heartbreak would be a perfect storyline for him (and maybe a perfect exit from GH). I like the character, but he's just become too ridiculous.

2. "De-Cassadine"? Is that a similar process to "de-manning"?

3. Knew it. Suspected this from day one. They better pull this off right. And how are they reshooting the Black and White ball? Jason had long hair and Nik had extremely short hair. We'll see. I'm skeptical about how this is going to work out.

4. Presumed dead? I smell an Alcazar...

5. Seriously Carly? Again? Why don't you just marry Jason and get it over with? Not that anyone wants that. I'm perfectly content with Jason and Sam.

6. Anthony gets out? What? He's been in prison for less than a year. There's no way in hell he'd get a deal cut.