Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spoilers 10/21

  • Jason decides he's going to kill Claudia whether Sonny gives the order or not.
  • Rumor: JaSam wedding rumor popped up again!
  • Rumor: Sam, Kristina or both might be pregnant. When one of Jason's rivals comes to town and threatens Liz and her boys, Jason makes it clear to Sam he can never have another child. Sam keeps the secret for now until she is sure if she is pregnant.

Alexis & Co.
  • From Nancy Lee Grahn's Twitter: Just got warning from GH music dept. Apparently Alexis is on next Kareoke list. Dont know what, when,where,how or WHY?..HELP!!!!
Teen Scene...
  • Kiefer pressures Kristina to sleep with him again.
  • Michael tells Johnny he knows Claudia is responsible for the shooting.
  • Kristina is shocked by her father's dark side.
Niz Necca & L&L2...
  • Someone witnesses Nik and Liz kiss I believe it is Luke.
  • Lucky makes a request to Liz.
  • Nik and Ethan fight over Rebecca.
  • Rumors: Rebecca will start to have flashbacks. Rebecca will share some of the flashbacks with Ethan who will become suspicious that she is not who she is supposed to be.
  • Lulu is drugged and ends up overhearing a conversation between Dante and Ronnie.
  • Lulu learns that Dante is an undercover cop.
  • Ronnie and Dante wonder if Lulu remembers anything about the conversation she heard.
  • Lulu remembers she found out something important about Dante.
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Carly and Olivia plan Claudia's party.
  • Claudia and Olivia get into a cat fight when Claudia tells Olivia shes telling Sonny the truth.
  • Olivia is arrested. Mac gets her out knowing the Dante secret.
  • Olivia attempts to get to the party before Claudia spills.
  • Claudia prepares to tell Sonny about Dante.
  • Claudia has one hell of a party! Secrets will arise!
  • Sonny exposes what Claudia did and Olivia arrives just in time to witness.
  • Claudia is desperate to get out so she grabs Carly and jumps in a stolen car.
  • Carly attacks Claudia from inside the car and they crash.
James Franco...
  • The room seen with all the crime scene photo's yesterday is James Franco's characters room.
  • The graffiti seen connects Jason, Dante and JF's character.

GV and his wife will appear on a celebrity version of The Newlywed Game. It airs Thursday 6pE/5pC on the GCN.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that rumor about Jason, Sam, and Liz is not true. I think that is so played out!! Really...let Sam have a baby already. I think they would be going down the same path again.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Just let Sam and jason have a kid together and leave Liz outta the whole scenario.

JAgirl28 said...

I mean really dosen't Liz have enough junk going on? Helena is gonna be after her in a minute. Leave Sam and Jason alone to be HAPPY for one minute

Taylor said...

Sam's already been told she can't get pregnant again, so that chances of that happening are pretty damn low. I'm almost positive it'll be Kristina. It'll send Alexis off the deep end.