Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Spoilers 10/20

  • Sam is shocked when Jason asks her to stay with him.
  • Sam will stand by Jason's side when the Claudia reveal hits the fan.
  • Rumor: Sam's Dad should be addressed.

Teen Scene...
  • Michael tells Alexis and Sonny want Keifer is doing.
  • Kristina goes to therapy.
  • Alexis tries to get Sonny to understand why Olivia kept the secret.
  • Michael once again wants to be a part of Sonny's business.
  • Carly is heartbroken over Jax's deception.
  • Carly and Jax separate.
  • Carly doesn't easily forgive but Jax is determined ... to mend the marriage and get Sonny out of their lives.
  • Lulu is drugged at work
  • Dante & Ronnie talk about their undercover gig unaware that a drugged Lulu is in the room.
  • Dante finds her. Lulu doesn't remember anything when she awakens
  • Olivia asks Lulu to be loyal to Dante because Sonny would kill him if he knew the truth.
  • Lulu feels guilty.
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Carly and Olivia work together to plan Sonny's party for Claudia
  • Claudia later informs Olivia she's going to tell Sonny about Dante.
  • Olivia is arrested but Mac is sort of an ally, he knows her secret.
  • Jason tells Sonny the truth. Sonny has little reaction.
  • Sonny gives Claudia a diamond necklace during the party.
  • Olivia bailed, she arrives to find Sonny giving Claudia a scathing toast (telling her he knows she's responsible for Mikey's shooting).
  • Claudia grabs Carly to escape. Carly goes into premature labor. They're in a stolen car. Carly attacks Claudia. The car crashes.
  • Sonny is determined to find the leak in the organization.
  • Johnny's guilt over Claudia eats away at him. He feels himself sinking deeper into darkness, Olivia tries to pull him out of it.
  • Patrick's ex Lisa arrives to town.
  • Matt is drawn to Lisa.
  • Patrick is envious of the relationship.
  • Bumps in the road for Patrick and Robin.
Niz & L&L2...
  • Luke keeps Nik away from Liz after he learns of the secret.
  • Luke tells Ethan not to put everything on the line for Rebecca.
  • Rebecca is vengeful when she learns of the Niz affair.
  • Liz makes the move to end the engagement with Lucky, even if she can't be with Nikolas.
  • Someone is watching over Liz and has plans to use her against the brothers.

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