Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spoilers 10/8

  • Jason and Sam search a basement for evidence and gets trapped.
Teen Scene...
  • Kristina tells Michael she slept with Keifer.
  • rumor: Kristina gets pregnant and loses the baby from Keifer's violence.
Solivia VS Slaudia...
  • Johnny and Olivia decide to keep their getting back together a secret.
  • Sonny and Claudia team up.
Niz, Necca, L&L2...
  • Nik and Liz's affair is outed at the engagement party.
  • Helena blackmails Liz to go through with the engagement party because she plans for Nik to marry Rebecca.
  • Lucky walks away from Liz and turns his back on Nik.
  • Liz walks away from Nik.

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