Friday, October 9, 2009

Spoilers 10/9

** No Spoilers on Monday! Finally a long weekend where I don't have to work!

  • Sam is nervous when Lucky catches her in the warehouse and takes a trip down memory lane within a ear shot of Jason.
  • Lucky lets Sam go with a warning.
  • Jason tells Sam that he thinks Devlin might have had a safety deposit box that could contain the proof of Claudia’s guilt
  • Jason tells Claudia her days are numbered.
  • Jason and Sam rent Ian's old room.
  • A cop mistakes Jason and Sam as a prostitute and her client.
  • Jason and Sam make an interesting discovery.
  • Jason finally gets evidence against Claudia.
  • Jason and Sam team up with Robin and Patrick.
  • Jason and Sam search a stranger's house for evidence and get trapped in the basement
Teen Scene...
  • Michael remembers more about Claudia's visits.
  • Kiefer pressures Kristina to sleep with him immediately, , telling her he has all the protection they need.
  • Alexis accuses a hurt Sam of being a bad influence on Molly and Kristina
Slaudia VS Solivia...
  • Dante figures out why Claudia is desperate to have sex with him.
  • Olivia learns that Jax is pressuring the feds to get Dante back on the case.
  • Johnny reaches out to Claudia but is concerned when she reveals her plans.
  • Dante tells Lulu whats going on with Claudia.
  • Ronnie tells Dante he's back on the case.
  • Olivia confronts Jax.
  • Claudia pushes Olivia a step to far.
  • Olivia goes to Sonny to reveal all the secrets.
  • Dante tells Claudia he will never sleep with her.
  • Robin plans a romantic evening with an interesting costume choice.
  • Patrick returns home with the ADA.
  • Patrick assures Robin he has no regrets.
  • Coleman and a drunk John takes Carly to the hospital.
  • Jax and Carly receive good news and bad news.

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