Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spoilers 11/25

*Everyone Have a good Thanksgiving, I'll be back on Monday *

  • Dante attempts to help Jason with Franco without tipping his hand about his past as his dealings as a cop.
  • Guza: "When Jason tells Sam he loves her its going to be huge. But Sam's reaction and the tragedy that follows will be the true test."

  • Her secret won't be a secret for long. Franco taunts her dirty deeds in his own Artistic way. Maxie later turns to someone else for comfort when Spinelli ends things.
  • Franco blackmails Maxie for information on Jason.
  • Somehow Franco knows when Maxie tries to lie.
  • Maxie learns that Franco agreed to do the photo shoot only if he can work with Lulu and not Maxie.
  • Spinelli and Milo plot to bring Max and Diane together.
  • Maxie tries to forget the night with Franco but her picture makes its way around town.
  • Maxie tells Jason that she believes Franco regards Jason's profession as art.
  • Spinelli learns where Franco's art studio is from a clue in the picture.
  • Morgan tampers with Carly and Jax's car so they'll spend Thanksgiving together.
  • Carly is horrified when Michael continues to emulate his dad.
  • Jax gets Sonny to incriminate himself.
  • Sonny sets a trap for the rat.
  • Dante debates handing over incriminating evidence on Sonny to Ronnie, but when he witnesses Sonny with Olivia he decides that's just what he is going to do.
  • Olivia regrets letting Sonny kiss her.
  • Sonny is suspicious when Dante banters Sonny with questions about Claudia's death.
  • Kate tells Sonny that Olivia has always loved him.
  • Nik tells Rebecca he will never love her.
  • Later on Rebecca witnesses Liz and Nik making love.
  • Something prevents Rebecca from spilling the beans.
  • Lucky suggests that they call off the engagement.
  • Liz proposes to Lucky after looking at old photos.
  • Alexis and Mac ends up on stage for Karaoke night. They end their song with a kiss.


Anonymous said...

Yay Maxis! It's about time Alexis and Mac had some lovin'.
Spixie! No! Why? Why did they have to have Maxie cheat? Well, now I kind of want Spin to be a man afterwards and prove that he's not just a bumbling idiot because I think he's more and I want Maxie to eventually see what she really ruined. I think time apart could be good for the two.
And Jason and Sam. Oh My God! What is the tragedy? I just want these two to be together and actually have a conversation about the past. Maybe they will after whatever happens happens.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. Sam and Jason need some time together but nothing to do with Kristina, Michael, or Sonny. I'm tired of all their conversations being about other ppl. And when is Sonny going to know about Dante being his son...gosh its been to long.

Anonymous said...

what's sam's reaction gonna be? what is the tragedy that happen?

Anonymous said...

The tragedy that's going to happen is this... Jason tries to impress Sam by wearing a light colored shirt... Spinelli trips and spills his orange soda on Jason right before Sam walks in the room.

beana said...

LOL I would pay to see jason wear a bright colored shirt. I agree that I would like to see more dialogue about just the two of them and not everyone else. I think it is their way of avoiding what needs to be discussed.

JAgirl28 said...

Where did you get that senerio about the light colored shirt for Jason?