Monday, November 30, 2009

Spoilers 11/30

  • Rumor: Sam's Daddy is coming to town.
  • JaSam I Love You's coming.
  • Franco goes through Jason's apartment.
  • Robin tells Lisa that she doesn't mind if she gets a job at GH.
  • Steven Lars introduces himself to Robin, Patrick and Lisa as the new Chief of Staff.f
  • Rumor: Past Patrick & Lisa sex scenes coming.
  • Lisa tries to break up Patrick and Robin.

Niz, L&L2, & Necca...
  • Nik and Liz have sex at Wyndemere.
  • Rebecca walks in and sees Nik and Liz but they don't notice her.
  • Does Rebecca blackmail Nik into getting Lucky?
  • Rumor: Lucky learns about the affair, and waits until the wedding to publicly announce the affair between his bride and best man. Nik defends Liz but she can't move forward and be happy after what she did to Lucky. Nik will be alone and easy to be manipulated by Valentin. Lucky tries to get with Maxie who has ended her 'relationship' with Spinelli.
  • Maxie and Lucky find themselves trapped for New Years Eve. Maxie apologized to Lucky, but insists on warning him about Elizabeth.
Dante & Lulu...
  • Does Dante realize that Michael is the weak part of the organization to help bring Sonny down?
  • Rumor: Dante arrested Franco before for tagging a murder scene. Ronnie had him let him go because he was only doing graffiti.
  • Rumor: Dante and Lulu have sex NYE.

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Anonymous said...

I Hope Lucky And Elizabeth Wedding Won't Be Stopped By Nikolas. And Lucky Won't Be In Maxie's Romantic Life Since Her Relationship With Spinelli Had Ended...And Even Lucky Choosed Elizabeth Over Maxie...Because Lucky And Maxie Are Best Friends And They Won't Be The Latest Romantic Couple...And Neither Does Nikolas And Elizabeth.