Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spoilers 12/03

  • Sam and Jason raid Franco's studio and discover he witnessed the shooting.
  • Maxie surprises Jason when she shows up at Franco's studio.
  • Maxie realizes just how unhinged Franco is looking around the studio.
  • Sam fears for Jason's life when he agrees to meet Franco.
  • Jason heads back to Franco's studio. Franco is there and taunts Jason.
  • Franco's furious that Jason doesn't appreciate him.
  • Jason realizes Franco's been following him for a long time.
  • Franco makes it clear to Jason that none of his loves ones are safe.
  • Sam becomes one of Franco's targets.
  • Jason will believe that he may lose this time so he will want to make sure that Sam knows what she means to him.
  • Carly and Jax work their way towards a reconciliation.
  • Jax gets Sonny to incriminate himself. Jax gets Sonny to admit that Claudia is dead and buried and that the police will never find her. He's recorded it.
  • Jax erases Sonnys incriminating comments to save his own marriage.
  • Carly wants Michael to confess to Claudia's murder.
  • Sonny convinces Carly they need to keep quiet about Michael.
  • Jax gives Dante what he needs to arrest Sonny.
  • Rebecca threatens to tell Ethan about the Niz affair.
  • Elizabeth tells Steve about her affair.
  • Liz tells Nik that she is still marrying Lucky.
  • Rebecca wants to strike a deal with Nikolas.
  • Rebecca is out for revenge but is waylaid by a car accident but she's apparently okay and she talks to Lucky but doesn't tell him
  • Nikolas is accused of running down Rebecca with his car.
  • Dante and Lulu break into the PCPD to research the tag Franco leaves.
  • Lucky busts them and finds out Dante is undercover.
  • C077X. Dante remembers arresting a graffiti tagger back in the day and thinks he may be tied to Franco. It's actually Franco he arrested and his booking ID.
  • Spinelli learns that Maxie has ben unfaithful.


Angela said...

i know right, I can not wait for Jason and Sam to say "I love You" and I can't wait for Liz to see Jason with his soulmate. I also cant wait for Lucky to see Liz for what she really is. I love watching Jason with Sam, but i want so much more.

beana said...

Me too on all accounts. I think it is about time that Liz realizes that jason and sam were always meant to be together. I also want jason to realize that elizabeth was coniving her way into his life by making sure she was always there in his face. She wanted him before he even broke up with sam for sam's safety. There were some interesting moments when you could see Liz's envy and resentment over Sam and Jason's relationship.

Angela said...

i completely agree, Like Sam said, " she climbed 24 flights of stairs in a black out to cry on his shoulder" she has always used her "he is my bestfriend" to see him all the time. I want her to crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

hey sami where are you

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok with you, Sami. Hope to see some great updated spoilers soon.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been?! You use to post every day....don't give up on your spoilers.....we need you!

Anonymous said...
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