Friday, December 11, 2009

Spoilers 12/11

*Happy Hanukkah at Sun Down.

  • Jason and Dante team up to bring Franco down.
  • Did someone move Claudia's body?
  • Rumor: Franco has been watching Jason for years a knows a secret about Liz.
  • Sam may asks Alexis who her father is.
  • Jason and Sam share I Love You's
  • SID 2010 Preview "Franco's fascination with Jason will end up threatening Sam and Jason's relationship in a dangerous way," Guza previews cryptically. "Once they are able to overcome the situation, their romance will continue to heat up in 2010." Could there be a wedding in the works? "We are invested in this couple and plan to explore all the stages of a relationship with them," he says.

  • Carly crosses paths with Franco.
  • Carly looks for the present Jax got her.
  • Johnny catches Olivia and Sonny in a steamy kiss.
  • Olivia gets jealous when she sees Sonny flirt with Lisa.
  • Matt and Lisa drop in to have Christmas with Patrick and Robin.
  • Lisa is shocked when she learns that Robin is HIV +
  • Spinelli goes to confront Franco about him sleeping with Maxie.
  • Maxie wants Spinelli to cheat on her to ease her guilt.

  • Ronnie reveals some interesting details about Franco.
  • Liz works overtime to keep Lucky away from Rebecca.
  • Rebecca plays pool with Lucky.
  • Rumor: Lucky walks in on Liz and Nik in bed.
  • Lucky suspects Michael of Claudia's murder.

  • Dante learns that Franco has been murdering people and posing their bodies as art.

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