Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spoilers 12/24

  • Jason is shocked when Johnny confronts him with a photo he received of Claudia’s empty grave.
  • Johnny attacks Jason after the hit man reveals the details of Claudia’s final hours
  • Olivia tries to get info out of a fuming Johnny.
  • Franco rents one of Sonny and Jason's warehouses.
  • Sam gets a visitor.
  • Jason's spidey sense tingles and realizes something is wrong when there is no trace of Sam at her PH.
  • Maxie helps Lulu prepare for her date.
  • Dante takes Lulu to the Opera.
  • Dante and Lulu almost make love but are interrupted.
  • Dante pressures Ronnie to reveal his connection to franco.
  • Ronnie refuses to spill the beans.

  • Patrick and Robin celebrate their one year wedding anniversary.
  • Sonny plays along when Lisa mistakes him for the restaurant manager.
Teen Scene...
  • Lucky reaches out to Michael after he pulls him over with a DWI.
  • Michael tells Carly how he really feels about what he did to Claudia.
  • Elizabeth transforms an empty Jake’s in hopes of recreating the romantic night that she and Lucky spent at Luke’s old club.
  • Lucky serenades Elizabeth.
  • Liz fears that Lucky knows the truth.
  • Lucky overhears Nik telling Liz he loves her.


Anonymous said...
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beana said...

what does this have to do with general hospital? It is a waste of your breath!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is pathetic that we have solicitors on this site. Please don't put your crap up!! I said it nicely before but this time I won't.

Anonymous said...

Best Lead Actor: Steve Burton
Best Lead Actress: Kelly Monaco
Best Supporting Actor: Kirsten Storms
Best Supporting Actress: Bradford Anderson
Best Storyline of 09': JaSam Reunion
Worst Storyline of 09': Anything with Liz!
Biggest Ray of Light: Dante/Lulu
(Which underused and unappreciated character do you like best) Sam McCall
Biggest Downer: Nik and Liz
(Whose appearance makes you cringe at) Liz
Biggest Let Go:
Most in Need of being resurrected:
Favorite Couple: JaSam!!
Worst Couple: Liz and anyone!
Biggest Surprise Couple: JaSam
Biggest GH Scandal: Claudia's birthday
Best Guest Star Appearance: James Franco
Worst Guest Star Appearance:
Best GH Memory of 09': Jason and Sam in Mexico. The kiss scene!!

Thanks so much for this website!!