Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spoilers 12/30

***Have a Happy and Safe New Years*****

  • Franco makes Sam one of his models.
  • Franco warns Jason that Sam and Lulu are in trouble.
  • Franco begins to taunt Sonny about what he knows about Michael being involved in Claudia's death.
  • Jason asks Sam to move in with him.
  • Lisa starts playing her own games at the hospital.
  • Carly is able to breakthrough to Michael, and Michael confesses his real feelings towards Claudia's death.
  • Lucky and Dante team up to find Lulu when she goes missing.
  • Franco sets Lulu up on a ticking time bomb, Literally.
  • Kristina deals with Kiefer's wrath when she turns him down.
  • Kiefer works Alexis into believing Ethan is a bad influence.
  • When Kristina goes to the hospital she tells the staff that it was Ethan that hurt her and not Kiefer. This causes major problems between Sonny, Alexis, and Luke, Tracy.
  • Sam feels that something isn't right.
  • Sonny loses his temper.
  • Alexis wants Ethan in jail.
  • Kristina attempts to confess but Keifer really plays some bad mind games on her.

  • Liz plans a romantic evening at Jake's for her and Lucky.
  • Lucky realizes that Nik is in love with Liz.
  • Lucky confronts Nik about his love for Liz.
  • Liz fears that Lucky knows the truth.
  • Nik goes to leave town but Liz stops him.
  • Liz tells Nik that she is in love with him, and begs him not to leave town.
  • Lucky over hears Liz talking to Nik about their affair.


Anonymous said...

Kristina and alexis are stupid Hello ethan is innocent and kiefer is the one who beat kristina

Anonymous said...

Lucky Must Find A Way To Get Elizabeth Out Of Nikolas' Heart Before He Loses Her, Forever. Will Nikolas And Elizabeth Be The 3rd Romantic Royal Couple Of Port Charles, Or Not? Even Elizabeth Not In Love With Lucky For Real. I Hope Nikolas Is Not Elizabeth's Newest Boyfriend For Real That Should Have Changed Port Charles, Forever.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Liz been saying this whole time that she wants to stop this affair with Nikolas, but, for whatever reason "she can't". Now, he's leaving town and instead of letting him go, she stops him to tell him she's in love with him, but, yet, she's still going on about how much she loves Lucky and wants to be with him. She is officially pathetic to me now. I just don't understand what they've done to her character since she first came on. Oh, and poor Ethan.