Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spoilers 12/31

Have a Happy and Safe New Years!!!

  • Franco puts Sam's life in jeopardy.
  • Jason comes up with a plan to save Sam but he needs Lucky's help.
  • Franco finds out what Jason is up to.
  • Jason realizes that Franco knows his plan.
  • Jason pulls a gun on Ronnie and demands answers.
  • Lisa discovers Jason holding a gun on Ronnie and wants to call security, but Robin intervenes.
  • Spinelli discovers the warehouse was rented under the name "S. McCall."
  • Jason becomes unnerved when he learns Franco could be building a bomb.
  • Franco wants Jason to reveal more of himself.
  • Franco tells Jason that Sam and Lulu are in big danger. Franco tells him where they can be found, but time is running out.
  • Jason goes to find Sam.
  • Jax comes across Josslyn's nursery, with no Carly, but Franco's "CO77X" tagged throughout the room.
  • Jason finds Carly in Franco's Studio.
  • Carly and Jax decide to take the boys out of the country while Franco is on the loose.
  • Sonny orders Dante to find Claudia's body.
  • Dante begins to question Ronnie when he realizes Franco and Ronnie share a connection
  • Ronnie refuses to confirm Dante's suspicions.
  • Lulu comes across danger.
  • Dante finds Maxie searching Franco's studio.
  • Dante finds Specs for a building bomb in Franco's studio.
  • Maxie tells Dante that Lulu is missing, and Dante realizes Franco has her.
  • Franco has Lulu tied to a chair with explosives.
  • Dante goes to Lucky for help.
  • Lucky and Dante go find Lulu.
  • Kristina blames Sonny for Sam's kidnapping.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael becomes frantic when he learns Claudia's body is missing.
  • Michael lashes out and blames Jason, but Carly quickly puts him in his place.
  • Lisa hints to Patrick that Robin still maybe holding a torch for Jason.
  • Lisa manipulates Patrick when she talks about the wild times they used to have
  • Lisa begins to mess with Robin's health mentally and physically.
  • Liz worries that Lucky knows about the affiar.
  • Lucky assumes that Nikolas' love for Elizabeth is one sided, and Elizabeth lets him believe it.
  • Are the Wards coming to PC in 2010? Hearing YES
  • Is Raynor Dante's Boss???
  • Will Lucky start drinking when he finds out about Niz???
  • Does Kristina had sex with Kiefer out of anger at Sonny??

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