Friday, January 29, 2010

Spoilers 01/29

  • Carly finds a 'present' for Jason from Franco with Josslyn's christening presents.
  • Sam steals vital evidence from the PCPD.
  • Jason fills Carly in on what is going down with Sonny.
  • Sam's fathers issues are triggered by the Dante, Sonny paternity secret.
  • Jason urges Sam to do what she feels is right.
  • Jason wants to take things to the next level with Sam, but tells her the risk is as serious as ever, and is she willing to live with it.
  • Olivia is horrified to learn that Sonny shot his son.
  • Sonny and Olivia struggle to keep Dante alive.
  • Lulu's fears come true when she goes to Sonny's and sees Dante.
  • Sonny tells Dante that he is his father while Dante is losing consciousness.
  • Olivia lashes out at Sonny for telling Dante the truth.
  • Johnny is there for Olivia.
  • Lulu makes sure everyone knows what Sonny did.
  • Sonny refuses to leave Dante's side despite Jason's warning.
  • Sonny is arrested for Claudia's murder.
  • Carly, Luke, and Ethan do there best to comfort Lulu.
  • Olivia regrets her decisions.
  • Carly is sympathetic to Olivia.
  • Lulu is by Dante's side when he wakes up from surgery.
  • Dante is shocked when Lulu confirms that Sonny is Dante's father.
  • Dante loses it with Olivia for lying to him.
  • Carly wants Sonny to leave the country before its too late.
  • Mac questions Olivia while Lucky is taking Dante's statement.
  • Sonny refuses to leave and turn his back on Dante.
  • Olivia and Dante lie to protect Sonny.
  • Sonny visits Dante in the hospital.
  • Ronnie accuses Olivia of choosing Sonny over her child.
  • Olivia tells Sonny she will never regret keeping Dante away from him.
  • Robin learns that Patrick has been keeping a secret.
  • Rumor: Lisa arranges for Patrick to walk in on a drugged Robin having sex with a member of the hospital staff.
Teen Scene...
  • Michael tells Molly, Morgan and Kristina that he was the one who killed Claudia.
  • Kristina and Keifer's relationship continues to spiral downward.
  • Michael makes a confession to Mac.
  • Kristina wants to end things with Keifer but he gets extremely abusive with her.
  • When Ethan and Keifer are the only two suspects, Kristina is put on the spot and under pressure accuses Ethan.
  • Sam puts two and two together especially after talking to Ethan and Michael.
  • Michael is filled with rage and envy from the moment that he finds out that Dante is actually Sonny's son.
  • Liz has another meltdown.
  • Nik suspends Liz from the hospital.
  • Liz has an anxiety attack in her car and crashes it.
  • LuLu sees first hand Liz's state of mind.
  • Lucky finds a lifeless Liz.
  • Nikolas blames himself and makes a plea that if Liz won't allow him to help her, he hopes she will get help from someone else.
  • Jax admits he was involved in the investigation.
  • Carly walks out on Jax with Josslyn and Morgan.
  • Carly and Jax try to manage a civil custody arrangement.
  • Sonny blasts Jax for his knowledge over Dante.
  • Carly has it out with Olivia and LuLu
  • Morgan and Michael confront Jax.
  • Jax catches Carly comforting Sonny and suspects the worst.


Anonymous said...

The Jasam spoilers makes me very dissapointed. Where's the "heart-to-heart" talk for Jasam? I'm tired of these Claudia/Michael/Franco/LnL/Dante stories all the time:( Are they going to make Jasam completely to the sidetrack or what?? What a waiste of talent for KeMo to have only few lines per episode...Just give her a good material to work for.

beana said...

I totally agree. Recently it has been disappointing watching jasam be about everyone else instead of about what they are feeling and what their relationship means to them.
We need to seem more jasam scenes where they can be focused on their love for one another.

Anonymous said...

I like the LnL2 story right now mostly because the actors are so good together and the story is quite well written but my couple is Jasam so i'm waiting for a good writing and story for them too.I miss their adventures, conversations, their quality of being frisky when things were okay...Last time i really enjoyed them was when Jason was helping Sam with her PI case and when they get caught red handed by Alexis in Sonny's office. It was so fun to watch and Sam was so adorable there with all the rambling of her and "Franks" weddingplans and trying to unlock the door...:)

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with you, Sami. Hope to see some great JaSam spoilers from you today.

Anonymous said...

I'm so frustrated because Jasam is moving ahead soooo slowly right now! Where's the latest SPOILERS? What are they telling about Jasam? Though i shouldn't count on anything good for them... it's alla about Dante and boring Jolivia or Carjax. At least i enjoy the LnL2 story. But more of Jasam please!

keke said...

OMG is it true that carly has it out with lulu and olivia yes im so happy its about time they got off there judgemental high horses plz sami tell me its true :)