Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Votes Are In For Sami's Best & Worst of 09

Best Lead Actress
Kelly Monaco

Honorable Mention: Laura Wright

Best Lead Actor

Steve Burton

Honorable Mention: Maurice Bernard

Best Supporting Actress

Julie Berman

Honorable Mentions: Sarah Brown

Sami's Pick: This is hard for me, I don't think Julie Berman had stellar performances this year so I'm going to put her tied with Kirsten Storms.

Best Supporting Actor

Dominic Zamprogna

Honorable Mentions: Bradford Anderson

Sami's Pick: Drew Garrett has my vote. This young kid came out of no where and really took the role of Michael Corinthos as his own. Since he first opened his eyes last year I never had any doubts that Drew Garrett would completely take over the role Dylan Cash left behind.

Best Storyline of 09'

Jason and Sam Reconcile

Honorable Mention: Sonny exposes Claudia at her party.

Sami's Pick: This past summer Jason and Sam were able to get past there past issues that Liason fans never felt Jason would be able to forgive her for. Jason was the one to initiate this whole relationship and I have two words for you: ME LIKEY!

Worst Storyline of 09

Nik and Liz have an Affair

Honorable Mention: Andrea Floyd Kills The Mayor's Mistress

Sami's Pick: Nik and Liz's affair has been going on for months, and honestly it's not that interesting. Liz once again gets scared with her relationship with Lucky and needs something new, exciting and dangerous. Looks like Nik is a Jason substitute. Lucky left everything to be with Liz. He even left his girl friend hanging while he went after to save Liz.

Biggest Ray of Light

Molly Davis-Lansing

Honorable Mention: Diane Miller

Sami's Pick: How could I pick anyone but Molly as our Ray of Light winner. Haley Pullos is just adorable and she is such an amazing little actress. I'm really hoping that Haley will grow into the role of Molly and we will continue to see her for years to come.

Biggest Downer
Elizabeth Webber

Honorable Mention: Keifer

Sami's Pick: Liz gets the Downer award for not knowing what she wants and constantly whining about her problems. She's never been one to confront her actions instead she runs from them.

Biggest Let Go

Sarah Joy Brown

Honorable Mention: Greg Vaughan

Sami's Pick: Sarah Joy Brown is one of the most fierce actresses in Daytime Television. Honestly, I don't know what the writer's were doing by letting her out of her contract early, and sending her on her way to B&B. Dumb move in my mind.

Most In Need of Being Resurrected
Emily Quartermaine

Honorable Mention: Ted King's Alcazar

Sami's Pick: Ted King's Alcazar all the way! He was sexy, mysterious and had numerous twin brothers. He was one of my favorite mobster villains and I still pray that he'll return to GH one day because Jason never found the body right?

Best Couple

Jason & Sam

Honorable Mention: Lulu & Dante

Sami's Pick: Seen as this is a Pro JaSam site who else would I pick besides Jason and Sam. They have amazing dynamic between them. The build up between Jason and Sam is so slow the fans are basically screaming they want more, but at least there not rushing it and taking there time. The last thing we need is Liz ending up having a one night stand and popping out another kid. Oh wait, that is rumored to be happening!!!

Worst Couple
Nik & Liz

Honorable Mention: Johnny & Olivia

Sami's Pick: Is there a couple on daytime tv that is anywhere near as disgusting as Niz? I really don't think so. Liz once again screws things up with her 'Soul Mate' when she ends up sleeping with his brother Nikolas. Liz even managed to bounce back and forth between brothers in a single night and that is why they win the award for worst couple.

Biggest Surprise Couple

Kate Howard & Coleman

Honorable Mention: Lulu & Dante

Sami's Pick: Who would of thought that the high and might Kate Howard would have such chemistry with a plain jane bartender. They definitely have me waiting to see what else the writer's have in store for this extremely surprising and entertaining duo.

Biggest GH Scandal
Jonathon Jackson replaces Greg Vaughan as Lucky

Honorable Mention: Nik and Liz have an affair behind Lucky's back.

Sami's Pick: I'm going with Keifer abusing Kristina. Shouldn't Kristina's parents be keeping a better eye on her. Since Lexi Ainsworth took over the role she's already tried to sleep with Jason, drive around without a license, drink alcohol, and showing up with mysterious bruises. It doesn't take a rocket science to realize that Kristina is not in a healthy relationship. Also, why would Keifer choose a mob bosses daughter to beat on? Does he have a death wish?

Best Guest Appearance

James Franco

Honorable Mention: Sebastian Roche

Sami's Pick: When everyone first caught wind that James Franco would be joining GH for a short stint, everyone was excited to see what the Pineapple Express and Milk actor would bring to GH. How often does and award winning actor come to a soap for work? We still haven't even seen the last of the dark and brooding Franco, and that is something to look forward to!

Worst Guest Star AppearanceMartha Byrne
Honorable Mention: Chikezie

Sami's Pick: Chad Brannon was a complete waste in my opinion to bring back in order to sail Rebecca off in the sun set. They would never of even showed her getting on the plane if it wasn't to leave us soap fans on the edge of our seats hoping they will one day reunite Zander and Emily's chemistry. Like most soap actors, They always come back!

Best General Hospital Memory of 09
JaSam's Hot Mexican Adventure

Honorable Mention: JaSam I Love You's

Sami's Pick: Could I go with any other nominee but JaSam's Mexican Adventure? This storyline had all the soapy ingredients to make it a hit. Plus JaSam fans finally got what they wanted after the summer of sleeze split up our Bonnie and Clyde power couple.

Most Heartfelt General Hospital Memory of 09
Claudia learns she lost the baby

Honorable Mention: Michael Wakes From His Coma.

Sami's Pick: Even with all the awful deeds Claudia Zacchara Corinthos inflicted it was heartbreaking to see her go threw the trauma of losing someone that she was actually able to love in her cruel tortured life. Sarah Joy Brown really delivered during this performance and it's a shame to have seen her go.


Anonymous said...
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Key said...

Hi Sami

I had to write when I saw that you also wanted Alcazar back!!!!
He was the best Villian!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a Jasam fansite so ofcourse the results for lead actor/actress are SBu/KeMo. I agree though i love LW,NLG,BA,JJ. About the pictures: have you guys ever noticed that in some view angel Sam and Jason look so alike? I've noticed it several times when i watch their scenes. For example when they drove to Mexico sitting in the car their profiles are alot the same. As in this picture above motorbikedriving...;)

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