Monday, January 4, 2010

Spoilers 1/04

  • Jason learns that Lucky knows about Niz from Carly.
  • Jason wonders what will happen to Jake's life if Lucky leaves Liz.
  • Rumor: Jason and Sam will discuss living together and Jason will ask Sam how she feels about him claiming Jake

  • Rumors: Is Franco connected to Faith Rosco???
  • Franco blows up his studio leaving Claudia's body for the cops to find and a message for Jason that for every kill Jason makes, he will make one too.
  • Maxie wants Spinelli to move in with her and Lulu.
L&L2 & Niz...
  • Lucky overhears Nik declare his love for Liz ( he thinks its one-sided.)
  • Nik decides to leave town once, Lucky tells him hes through with him.
  • Liz lets Lucky believe it is one-sided.
  • Lulu convinces Lucky to go talk to Nik, and thats when he sees the Niz affair.
  • Lucky doesn't reveal himself or tell them right away.
  • Lucky tells Lulu that he's drinking again.
  • Lucky confronts them after a short while.
  • Lulu gets into Liz's face for hurting her brothers.
  • Helena is very pleased that Liz has made her grandson a "true Cassadine"
  • Sam gets to be the one that Kristina trusts and confides in and confesses what is going on to.
  • Sam tries to get Kristina to understand about respect and self-respect in relationships.
  • Once it comes out that Kristina is being abused, Alexis gets to take all of the heat for being a bad, clueless mother who allowed it to happen.
  • Sonny gets heat because of Kristina's Daddy Issues.

  • Olivia's attraction to Sonny grows stronger but Johnny doesn't give up easily.
  • Sonny will be proud when he learns Dante is his child, but won't be happy that Olivia kept this huge secret the whole time.
  • Johnny is not happy with Olivia either to find she has lied again to him, but he loves her and will soon understand why she did what she did.
  • Sonny is charged with the murder of Claudia.
  • Sonny puts a hit out on Dante.
  • Luke blames Dante for what happens to Lulu.
  • Angst coming up by Dante's EX, who may end up in bed with Lucky.
  • The FBI is behind Dante's investigation. We could be seeing Raynor again.
  • Lisa tries to mess with Robin at work.
  • Lisa does put unwanted attention on Scrubs.
  • She just tries to make them look "unprofessional" by setting them up so that others see them when they are being about each other. She tries to make them look bad.


Anonymous said...

If Elizabeth Moves Out Of Lucky's Romantic Life, Will She, Along With Cameron And Jake To Move Into The Wyndemere Where Elizabeth's Latest Boyfriend To Be, Nikolas Lives?...Or Will She And Her 2 Sons Move Into The House Where Her Another Latest Boyfriend To Be, Valentin Lives?...Or Will She Remain In Lucky's Romantic Life As She And Her 2 Sons Move Into A New House Where She And Lucky Talked About If They Get Married For The 3rd Time?

Anonymous said...

After Lucky Doing Drinking For The 2nd Time In His Life, Will He And Elizabeth Get Married For The 3rd Time...Or Will He Have A New Girlfriend In His Romantic Life In Dante's Ex-Lover, Who Is The New Female Resident Of Port Charles?

Anonymous said...

Which Man Will Elizabeth Choose To Be The Love Of Her Life? Will She Choose Lucky So She Can Marry Him Again? Or Will She Choose Nikolas To Become Her Newest Boyfriend So She Can Move Into The Wyndemere With Him? Or Will She Choose A New Male Resident Of Port Charles In Valentin So She Can Move In With Him At His House Since He Moved To Port Charles?

Anonymous said...

When Franco's Reign Of Terror Came To An Explosive End, There Will Be Romantic Plans For These Couples: Jason And Sam, Lucky And Elizabeth Or Maxie Or Keisha Or Dante's Ex-Lover, Elizabeth And Nikolas Or Valentin, Spinelli And Maxie, Jax And Carly, Johnny And Olivia, Dante And Lulu, Mac And Alexis, Patrick And Robin Or Lisa, Max And Diane, And Ethan And Kristina.