Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spoilers 04/01

  • Sam wonders why Jason can't support her like she always supports him. 
  • Things get worse for Jason when Jason is willing to throw their relationship away to go to jail in place of Sonny.
  • Sam begs him to reconsider but Jason insists it must be done. After he leaves, Sam breaks down. 
  • Claire rejects Jason's offer.
  • Sam's father is still said to be coming. 
  • Jason finally chooses Sam over someone else.

  • Liz jumps to conclusions when she sees Lucky with Maxie. 
Sonny VS The State...
  • Sonny's fate lies in Carly's hands.  

  • A patient, in the advanced stages of cancer, arrives at General Hospital with a secret that will affect the lives of several Port Charles residents. When she dies under mysterious circumstances it will be awhile before anyone knows if she's the beneficiary of a mercy killing or a victim of a murder by someone who desperately wants to keep a secret. 
  • Lisa continues to plot against Robin. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Sam will again feel alone in her relationship with Jason. Poor Sam, i feel so sorry for her. Why must she go thru this again?? Some happines in her life would not be much to ask, right?? She has had a hard life, first to have an abusive father, a mother that didin't like her, her baby died, Danny died, she can't have children and the love of her life Jason has a child with another woman, a terrible breakup with Jason, a new found love with him and now fearing to lose him again. This is not fair! :(

MiracleBabyMorgan said...

I agree 1000000000000% and although I HATE seeing JaSam fights all the crappy stuff they go through usually ends up bringing them closer together so I think we all just need to have some faith that TPTB WON'T screw up the best couple on this show AGAIN
Viva La JaSam 4EVA

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for a second that they are breaking Jasam but their happy moments together have been so short that i really wish more happines for them. Although i've to admit that the moments have been romantic and sweet.
I truly wish that Sam's father doesn't cost any trouble for their relationship. That would be devastating!

Anonymous said...

Early On, Sam Gets Breaking Down, When Jason Can't Support Her And Their Romantic Relationship. But Then Finally, He Finally Choose Her, Over Claire (Who Is His Friend), Elizabeth (Who Is His Ex-Girlfriend And Ex-Fiance), And Robin (Who Is His Ex-Girlfriend), As The Love Of His Romantic Life. So, In The Future On GH, Jason And Sam's Romantic Relationship Goes From The Breakdown, To Going Back To The Top In Full Strength, For Real, Forever. So, It Will Be A Renewal Romantic Relationship Continuing Saga For Jason And Sam, With The Arrival Of Sam's Real Father.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Gets Sad, When She Sees Her Ex-Husband, Lucky With Maxie (Who Was His Temporary Ex-Girlfriend, And Now His Best Friend, Soon Would Be His Girlfriend, For Real). So, In The Future On GH: Would Elizabeth Choose Nikolas (Who Is Her Ex-Brother-In-Law, Soon To Be Her Latest Boyfriend) Over Lucky (Her Ex-Husband), To Change Her Romantic Life, Forever?

Anonymous said...

In The Future On GH, Would It Be A Real Romantic Era Beginning For 2 New Couples: Lucky And Maxie, And Nikolas And Elizabeth?

Anonymous said...

Here Are The Real Romantic Couples Are For A Go For GH In May 2010:

Jason And Sam
Sonny And Skye
Jax And Carly
Lucky And Maxie
Ethan And Maya
Michael And Zoe
Max And Diane
Nikolas And Elizabeth
Johnny And Olivia
Dante And Lulu
Patrick And Lisa
Steven And Robin
Mac And Alexis
Luke And Tracy
Spinelli And Brook Lynn
Coleman And Kate

I Hope These Are For A Go On GH For May 2010!!!

Rashida314 said...

I could agree except i want patrick and robin, and Liz and Lucky. call me crazy for wanting liz and lucky but i am just waiting to see that undeniable spark John and Becky had back in the day. i dont think their relationship is broken beyond compare.

Anonymous said...

All i want for spring is happy Jasam...:) and some day Liz and Lucky to reunite. I don't really care of the others as couples but individually i like Alexis, Carly, Patrick, Ethan, Molly, Max and Milo, Monica, Ephipany, Spinelli, Raynor and Edward. Sometimes i like Liz and Robin. Maxie and Lulu are not my favorites.