Friday, April 2, 2010

Spoilers 4/02

 Rumor: Is Brooklyn an Ex-Girlfriend of Dante's?

  •  Jason assures Sam he had nothing to do with Kiefer's predicament after filling her in on Kristina's confession
  • Sam is rocked when Jason tells her that Kristina had been lying.
  • Spinelli and Jason obtain security footage proving Alexis was responsible. 
  • Jason wants to keep it from Sam, but she learns the truth from Alexis.
  • Carly tells Jason exactly what she is thinking. 
  • Carly makes a major decision. 
  • Carly may end up being Sonny's deciding fate.
Sonny VS The State...
  • Olivia is thrown off guard by Johnny's suggestion.
  • Sonny puts his fate in Carly. 
  • Jax and Carly have a brief moment. 
  • Claire decides to have Morgan as a witness which stirs up  many strong emotions.
  • Dante tells Sonny he's delusional if he believes he's a good father. 
  • Sonny blames Olivia for his relationship with Dante. 
  • Dante punches Sonny.
  • Dante tells Olivia he understands why she felt she had to lie to him about his father and forgives her. 
  • Lulu's discomfort rises when Dante credits Olivia for not aborting him 
  • Sonny is shook when he realizes he almost killed his best friends son for no reason. 
  • Dante steps up for Morgan. 
  • Claire seeks out Sonny

  • Alexis runs over Kiefer while trying to get a barely conscious Kristina to the hospital. 
  • Jason head to the Haunted Star to kill Ethan. 
  • At the hospital, Kristina admits to Dante, Sonny and Alexis that Kiefer was the one who beat her.
  • Sam and Molly call the hospital when they find a hurt Kiefer on the side of the road. 
  • Alexis realizes what she did. 
  • Kiefer's condition worsens. 
  • Ethan relief is short-lived. Luke's anger rises when he realizes that Lucky now suspects Ethan of running Kiefer down.
  • Kiefer's parents arrive to GH. 
  • Evidence leads Ethan to be arrested. 
  • Alexis tells Diane, Diane tells her to confess now or forever hold your peace. 
  • Kristina asks Ethan if he ran Kiefer down. 
  • Jason asks Spinelli to look into his suspicions about Alexis.
  • Alexis tells Sam what she did. 
  • Sam tells Alexis not to confess.
  • Bobbie advises Alexis to stay by Kristina's side during these hard times.
  • Steve is unable to save Kiefer. 
  • Kiefer's mother rips into Kristina and Alexis, blaming them both for the death of her son.  
  • After confessing the truth to Mac, Alexis is charged, but later released. 
  • Jax tries to reach out to Alexis.
  • Alexis worries that her wrongdoings with men led Kristina to make the same mistakes. 
  • Kiefer's father uses the internet to gain his revenge, affecting not only Alexis and Kristina but others as well.
  • Nik attempts to distract Kristina. 
  • Liz attempts to make her life work without Lucky but its harder than she realized.
  • Liz makes an error on the job and Steve reassigns her. 
  • Nik steps up and becomes a better father for Spencer. 
  • Liz becomes irrational when she sees Lucky with another woman. 
  • Liz may take Nik up on his offer?

  • Spinelli tells Maxie his suspicions about Michael. 
  • Steve offers Maya an internship at the hospital. 


Alecia said...

am Not sure what to think About All this

Anonymous said...

Hard times coming for us Jasam/Sam fans. I don't know how much trouble Sam can take anymore. She has survived periods of personal hardships before but this is too much even for her! Monica once said to Jason that Sam is made of steel so sure she'll manage this too, but enough is enough. It will be devastating for her to learn that Kristina has been lying all the way, Alexis caused Kiefer's accident and Jason's priority is at Sonny and Michael. Poor Sam...
I feel sorry for Liz too. She's going to learn step by step what she really has lost when Lucky quitted their relationship.
Just a question; is there one single happy woman in PC just now? It feels like no one is happy...:(

Anonymous said...

yeah i definetly agree. everyone is pissed at everyone and it feels like everything is crashing down at the same time. very traumatic.

Anonymous said...

I was visiting the board again and there's a question of the couple or pairing in soaps you think is/has been the worst. Over 140 posters answered and almost everyone said that LIASON WAS THE WORST pairing ever so i was wondering who are the people that really like them? I've been visiting that board for several yars now and there have been and are a lot of other fans than Liason's. Is it only a buzztale that they have a lot of fans because i haven't found them anywhere?? I'm seriously asking this. I wanted to give them a change as a couple but then found them the most contrived and boringboringboring couple ever. They had some sweet moments but that's all.

Anonymous said...

Liason fans are delusional, if they have like 100 fans, those hundred fans bombard people's message boards just so they can prove they're 'thousands'. Bullshit.

Dillon said...

To answer a question, there are a lot of Liason fans..I am one of the many. I as a Soap fan know that couples don't stay together, so am ok with them being apart now.

I get more mad at the women on this show being seen as stupid. Sam had a good life going for her when she split from Jason, but now she is getting now support and is usually his sidekick. Liz who has lived for years without Lucky is being painted as a woman who can't even breathe without him now. Blech.

I just want new romances all around for the women of GH.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it has to be something like you explaine because there are only few fans on the board. How can a couple, like Liason, be so contrived that it's almost painful to watch them together? Some other couples can be boring sometimes but devastating forced have no one been except Ric and that dark haired girl Mercedes or something. These two couples have been the most awful pairings in PC ever...

Anonymous said...

I actually like Liz and Lucky very much and think that they truly are endgame, soulmates and their love will always survive. I wouldn't say that they have been living with out each other for years because imo they have always been bonded and in each others orbit in some ways, sometimes less sometimes more, because of their past and their children. I think they both need to stay away from each other for awhile but i so wish for their reunion one day. The affairs Liz has had before and recently(Ric,Jason,Nik) are sidetracks in her path but important for her to learn more of her self as a woman and a person individually. I love that her story now makes her grow as a person because she's been quite immature despite she's a mother and has gone through so much in her life. I don't think i could ever take another round of Liason any more, but as you said couples never last so i hope you'll have your couple one day and enjoy them as much i enjoy LnL2and Jasam.
About Sam; it's her nature to help in "full force" those people she cares about and imo that's what she's doing right now, helping her boyfriend. She's as independent as she's been recently and i believe that she'll keep it that way. Besides supporting Jason she has been helping her sisters all the time. I agree with you that there's been a lack of romance in PC and that should change ASAP!