Friday, April 9, 2010

Spoilers 04/09

  • Maxie discusses her feelings for Spinelli with Jason. 
  • Franco leaves another message in his "Art"
  • Jason’s confident Carly will be able to sell her pack of lies to the jury and tries to help ease her nerves

  • Warren harasses Kristina. 
  • Maya Helps Kristina and Ethan clear the air between them. 
  • Ethan gets a black eye. 
  • Warren visits Kristina at the lake house.
  • Jax threatens Warren after finding him threatening Kristina.
  • Warren questions Mac about Alexis. 
  • Sam confronts Warren.
  • Warren publicly accuses Alexis of murder.
  • Warren makes many enemies. 
  • Alexis confesses to Mac. 
  • Mac arrests Alexis but releases her on her recognizance telling her he will try to wrap up the case quickly and quietly but Kiefer’s father has other ideas.
  • Warren wants justice for the crime against his son and wants Alexis behind bars.
  • Meanwhile, Melinda does more lashing out towards Kristina and Alexis.
  • Alexis asks Jax to intervene with Warren, so Jax tries to convince Warren to leave the matter alone or he will bury him, financially.
  • Nikolas asks Kristina to babysit Spencer at Wyndemere and sees how guilt ridden she is over Kiefer’s accident.
  • Skye asks Luke for assistance in tracking down Lorenzo's fortune.
  • Luke wonders what Helena is up to. 

Sonny VS The State... 
  • Dante is held in contempt when he sticks up for Morgan while he is on the stand.
  • Carly takes Morgan home from the courtroom and questions Jax on his involvement. 
  • Sonny visits Dante in jail and tries to advise Dante to leave his job
  • Lulu later visits Dante and he admits Sonny could be right.
  • Claire offers a deal where Sonny pleads guilty in exchange for 10 years in prison,with a possibility of parole after 5 years, in an effort to avoid having to put his
    kids on the stand.
  • Sonny must plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and 5 counts of RICO violations. Sonny would be willing but Jason has another plan. 
  • Jason would plea to killing Claudia and the RICO violations in place of Sonny.
  • Sam, Carly and Sonny are all against Jason’s plans but he insists this is what needs to happen.  
  • Diane and Jason meet with Claire and offer her Jason instead of Sonny. 
  • Claire refuses the offer. 
  • Sonny refuses Claire’s offer and will take his chances with the jury. 
  • While Claire prepares Morgan to testify, Jax visits with Michael on the island.
  • Morgan doesn’t incriminate Michael or Sonny in his testimony.
  • Carly testifies. 
  • Ronnie arrives on the island to subpoena Michael. 
  • Jax stops Ronnie from finding Michael. 
  • Dante hints to Jason that Ronnie is on his way to the island to bring Michael back to testify.
  • Dante escorts Michael back to PC
  • Carly faces cross examination. 
  • Michael remains in hiding in PC.
  • Max and Milo are arrested.
  • Carly and Sonny share an intimate moment when they believe Sonny is going to prison. 


Anonymous said...

This is not nice... BOOOO! where's the Jasam romance???

Anonymous said...

I real JaSam spoilers today. I hope to see some really great ones soon. When we do see JaSam spoilers they usually deal with other people around them. Bring back our favorite couple JaSam!

Melanie*SoapOperaBabble*daisyclover1938 said...

I agree! More JaSam!! Can they ever get their own story??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work, Sami. You have great spoilers.

Anonymous said...

I admire Sam's and Spinelli's friendship. Sam hugging Spinelli welcome in Jason's PH was so sweet.
I miss Jasam's long deep conversations and the sweet passionate love they share.

Anonymous said...

Just keep watching. Sometimes, the best JaSam scenes are the unspoiled ones. :-)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you :).

Jasam are great together but also individually.