Monday, April 12, 2010

Spoilers 4/12

  • Michael tells Jason that he hates him. 
  • Rumor: Molly asks Jason to take care of Warren

  •  Alexis confesses to Mac. 
  • Alexis is arrested then later released.
  • Warren corners Alexis in the elevator.
  • Warren has a video crew tape him publicly accusing Mac of protecting Alexis for personal reasons.
  • Nikolas asks Kristina to babysit Spencer at Wyndemere and sees how guilt ridden she is over Kiefer’s accident.

  •  Dante is arrested.
  • Dante wonders if he should leave the force.
  • Lulu lies to Dante abotu Dillion and her abortion.   
  • Carly accuses Lulu of betraying her. 
  • Dante learns about Lulu's abortion from Lucky.  
Sonny VS The State...
  •  Dante goes out on a limb for Morgan. 
  • Dante is held with contempt. 
  • Carly takes Morgan out of the courtroom and later confronts Jax about his involvement. 
  • Sonny visits Dante in jail and tells him he should quit the force. 
  • Lulu later visits and admits Sonny could be right.
  • Dante hints to Jason that Ronnie is on his way for Michael.
  • Claire is suspicious about Carly.
  • Jax attempts to divert Claire
  • Rumor: Sonny and Dante fight at the new PC gym 
  • Lisa takes a Stand for Sonny .
  • Tracy's jealousy is fueled by Skye.  


Anonymous said...

No Jasam, no Jasam? Maybe i should just give up and let my fancard go with the northwind. So tired of waiting for a good story for them. And Franco is in horizon again and it means Jason Jason all the way...

Anonymous said...

I agree, I'm still waiting for some great JaSam spoilers....Hope I don't have to wait too much longer.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mikey spoiled ass telling Jasin he hates him. Wow i would beat his little ass.

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time Michael yells to Jason that he hates him... he seems to hate everybody recently.