Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spoilers 4/15

  • Claire rejects Jason's offer.  
  • Maxie opens up to Jason about her feelings for Spinelli. 
  • Spinelli is devastated when he fails Jason and is unable to located Michael. 
  • Maxie informs Jason that Michael is hiding at her and Lulu's place
  • Molly asks Jason to get rid of Warren. 

Sonny VS The State...
  • Sonny decides to take his chances in court. 
  • Jason tells Carly it's all up to her.
  • Carly tries to keep her cool under pressure. 
  • Claire prepares to recall Morgan to testify. 
  • Jax stops Ronnie from finding Michael.  
  • Jax visits Michael. 
  • Jax and Claire struggle with their conscience. 
  • Dante finds proof of Michael's guilt. 
  • Dante is faced with a dilemna.
  • Dante decides to hide Michael at Lulu's apartment. 
  • Lulu helps Dante. 
  • Sonny and Carly are frantic when they learn Michael is missing.
  • Sonny hopes he has gotten through to Dante.
  • Dante updates Lucky on recent events. 
  • Michael alerts Carly that he will turn himself in if Sonny is found guilty. 
  • Michael shows up and clears Sonny at the last possible moment
  • Sonny and Carly will both be furious with Lulu and Dante for allowing it to happen.
  • Carly feels betrayed by Lulu 
  • Lisa stands up for Sonny in the jury room. 
  • Luke is certain Helena has an evil plan in the works. 
  • Skye goes to Luke for help.  
  • Skye fuels Tracy's jealousy.
  • Warren publicly accuses Alexis of Murder.  
  • Alexis is shaken after Warren unleashes his fury.
  • Warren has his video crew breathing down Mac neck. 
  • Maya makes a startling discovery, Warren?
  • Kristina receives malicious emails about the attack.
  • Maxie thinks there is still something between Lucky and Liz.  
  • Shirley Whitney tells Liz about a long lost love that she could never let go of. 
  • Liz will realize that the same is true about her and Lucky and she'll decide she has to get him back.
  • Lucky will pretend to resist.
  • Both Robin and Shirley Whitney tell Liz to concentrate on herself and her kids. 
  • Lucky lets it slip to Dante that Lulu had an abortion.  

  • Lisa will continue to manipulate Patrick and Robin but they will catch on to her soon. 
  • Robin realizes what Lisa is doing first. 
  • Patrick finds out that Lisa is causing problems for Robin. 


Anonymous said...

Jason loves Sam and Sam loves Jason. Lucky loves Liz and Liz loves Lucky. I want Jasam and LnL2.

nancy said...

When are these spoilers to happen?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more direct JaSam spoilers. Yes, LNL2-keep Liz away from Jason.