Friday, April 16, 2010

Spoilers 4/16

 Girls Night Out Coming!!!!

  •  Molly Asks Jason to get rid of Warren.
  • Jason wants Answers from Lulu. 
  • Carly moves in with Jason
  • When Jason is going to need Sam the most, she will be there. 
  • But when she needs help, she will not ask Jason.
  • Maxie shares details of her dilemma with Jason.  

 Sonny VS The State...
  • Olivia tries to explain to Johnny why she can't move in with him.  
  • Morgan retakes the Stand at Sonny's trial
  • Carly takes the Stand with baby Josslyn.
  • After Carly is taken off the stand, Diane is sure that Sonny will be acquitted. 
  • Claire recognizes she's been beat.  
  • Carly is torn over her feelings for Jax.
  • Jax prevents Ronnie from finding Michael. 
  • Jason arranges for Michael to be moved.
  • Michael calls Morgan. 
  • Sonny impulsively kisses Carly after she exceeds his expectations in court. 
  • Claire tells Dante that they'll need Micheal's testimony. 
  • Judge Carroll agrees to Claire's request for a 24-hour extension.
  • Dante struggles with his conscience after manipulating Morgan into revealing Michael's new location
  • Morgan realizes Dante tricked him. 
  • Dante and Michael come face to face. 
  • Michael tells Dante the truth and gives him the proof of his guilt. 
  • Dante confesses to Michael that he's not sure what he'll do if he finds out he's telling him the truth. 
  • Dante confides in Lulu
  • Dante confronts Sonny after getting proof of Michael's guilt
  • Sonny is confident he's convinced Dante to keep his mouth shut, but Jason isn't so sure.
  • Lulu, meanwhile, pleads with Maxie to keep her mouth shut after Maxie spots her with Michael.
  • Dante and Lulu realize Michael is gone. 
  • Michael places a call asking someone to pick him up. 
  • Jason and Carly team up
  • They want to take Michael out of the country
  • Dante and Lucky will stop them, after Lulu plays snitch 
  • Spinelli defends Lulu to Carly. 
  • Lucky starts to worry about Liz's growing attachment to the terminally ill patient.   
  • Skye pays a visit to Kristina at her home.  
  • Skye later has a dinner date with Jax. 
  • Skye helps Ethan and Kristina talk through what happened.
  • Warren proceeds to make a spectacle as he points the finger at Mac, Alexis and Kristina.
  • Sam punches Warren after he implies that Kristina got what she deserved.
  • Alexis is shaken by the depth of Warren's rage.
  • Lucky warns Ethan that he's next on Warren's hit list.
  • Warren terrorizes Alexis in her own home
  • Warren accuses Sam of aiding and abetting
  • Alexis has her license revoked and gets house arrest. 

  • Skye asks for Luke's help on tracking down Lorenzo's illegal assets.  
  • Steve thinks Patrick and Lisa are having an affair.
  • Steve keeps it too himself but his change of attitude towards Patrick effects Robin.  


Anonymous said...

AS a huge Jasam fan i do not like these spoilers at all. I feel that there will never be a good story for Jasam that doesn't include Carly, Sonny or their kids. I don't understand why Carly moves in with Jason. She has a big hotel to move in or she could buy a house of her own if she needs to be separate from Jax. I am starting to doubt Guza's "Jasam is for a long haul" after this. And Sam doesn't ask Jason when she needs help; what's that? Is she going to regret her relationship with Jason? Why does Jason do this to Sam and make her feel less important for him than Sonny's kids? I am feeling that Sam starts to doubt Jason's intentions of their relationship and can't trust him anymore...
I'm a very disappointed Jasam fan right now!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. Unless they are going to use the fact that Sam doesn't ask Jason for help, to make Jason realize that he needs to put Sam first. Make him see that all the times he has put everyone ahead of her has taken its toll, and she feels that she can't depend on him like he depends on her.

Anonymous said...

I am not liking the JaSam story at all either. I hope after the trial things change for them, we definietly need a JaSam baby, because that is when we all fall in love with JaSam when she was pregnant. But i was happy to hear Carly ask how Sam felt about Jason going to jail in Sonny's place. THe old carly would not have cared anything about Sam's feelings.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to hear that there are other fans than me that feels the same way about the writing for them. You made a good point of Jason realizing that he always puts someone first before himself or recently before Sam. He should also understand that no other than Sam has always been by his side when ever he has needed her. I hope that Jason will realize that he can't take Sam for granted anymore.

Anonymous said...

Jason needs to start putting Sam first. Years ago, at the beginning of his relationship with her she was okay with the fact that business came first. But now? I mean Guza's writing sucks! JaSam need to always be there for each other and be open to work. If she is going to someone else for help that's not a good thing. I just hope that nothing hurts their relationship and causes a huge rift between them because I can't take another break up of my favourite couple. JaSam miracle baby 2010!

beana said...

i am wondering if the fact that sam won't go to jason for help puts her in a dangerous situation which may prove to jason that his priorities have been messed up.

jessica said...

I love JaSam. I am so glad they are back together. I did not like it when jason was with Liz. I think Sam is the only women that Jason has ever had that really understood him. Carly is to fucking selfish, and bad mother to care about anyone else. JaSam may have had their problems but Sam has always has Jason's back. Jason really needs to man up, and stop taking the fall for sonny and being their for carly. I thought she had a husband? She can't even treat him right.

Anonymous said...

Yesterdays JaSam episode was so cute and sooo jasam. Made me smile :)))!

Anonymous said...

Hope we can see some JaSam spoilers today!