Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Michael Sutton Returns to GH!

Michael Sutton (Ex-Stone) Returns to General Hospital for 2 episodes starting, September 28th. Stone Cates who died of AIDS in 1995, appears to past girlfriend Robin Scorpio-Drake, when she "finds herself in a physically perilous situation and becomes delirious."  Robin is emotionally vulnerable at the time after recently finding out her husband, Patrick Drake, has slept with Co-Work Lisa Niles. A GH rep tells TV Guide Magazine that "Stone will give Robin the will to live, not only for herself but, more importantly, her daughter Emma."  Stones appearance is said to bring closure between Robin and Stone.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Hope we see updated JaSam spoilers today! Happy to see them on a regular basis again. Keep 'em coming! :)