Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spoilers 8/11

  • Jason becomes very protective of Sam with Brenda.  
  • Jason tries to ensure Sam, that there is no feeling between him and Brenda. 
  • Jason encourages Michael to move on with his life. 
  • Michael lashes out.
  • Jason and Sam share a romantic evening by firelight after Jason rescues Sam from Lopez's men.
  •  Lulu walks in on Brook in her bra and Dante in his boxers kissing.
  • Lulu confronts Carly about paying Brook to seduce Dante.
  • Brook is an outcast.
  • Tracy busts Brook Lynn attempting to steal from Edward’s bank account.
  • Nikolas offers Brook Lynn refuge.
  • Claire is jealous of Brenda. 
  • Kristina is curious about Brenda and Sonny's past.  
  • Sonny wants Brenda to stay with him. 
  • Jason saves Brenda's life. 
  • Sam and Brenda exchange words. 
  • Ethan tells Kristina not to rush into things. 
  • Kristina cuts ties from Sonny.
  • Kristina needs something from Alexis.
  • Ethan assures Kristina she is not to blame for Johnny being hurt.
  •  Robin kicks Patrick out. 
  • Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s moving car, making it seem like Robin tried to run her over.
  • Lisa will begin Blackmailing 
  • Robin and Brenda reunite.
  • Robin slaps Lisa
  • Lisa threatens Patrick.
  • Lisa's murder will lead to a Scrubs reconciliation. Patrick will believe Robin did it and take the blame. As it turns out she won't be guilty either
  •  Sonny makes plans to flee the country and go to Rome.
  • Johnny calls out Claire on her feelings for Sonny. 
  • Sonny is determined to help Brenda.  
  • Carly calls Sonny out about Brenda.  
  • Ethan and Maya share an intimate moment. 
  • Nik misses Liz and the boys.  
  • Claire turns to Lucky.
  • Nikolas overhears Liz admitting that she will always associate Wyndemere with betraying the love of her life.
  • Johnny surprises Lucky with a job offer.


Anonymous said...

Love the Jasam spoilers! Yes, Jason, protect your dear Samantha :) Can't wait to see all of it.

I knew it, i knew it! Lucky IS THE LOVE OF LIZ'LIFE :D:D:D! Awwwww ...

And Scrubs will be okay. Like it.

Anonymous said...

^... the love of LIZ's life... sorry for the wrong spelling.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that we're receiving updated spoilers on a regular basis again & yes specifically the JaSam spoilers! I'm also happy about LnL2. Keep 'em coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Liz has said this same line to Jason, Rick,and Lucky. I think its time for Liz to leave PC. She is starting to bore me. I use to love her but now she just irritates me.

kyla said...

Once again thank you so much Sami:]- I cant wait for Carly to get busted from Lulu & i hope Spinelli goes down with her, i hate Lulu but what Carly did was wrong and petty, excited we are going to more Jasam action, i have mixed feelings baout Brenda returning love the character but so many others that are my favs hate her and i am curious what they are going to do with her storyline wise- kyla