Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoilers 8/12

  •  Jason goes back to jail when he is accused of killing one of the Lopez brothers. 
  • Sam investigates the Lopez compound looking for evidence that clears Jason's name. 
  • Jason rescues Sam from the Lopez which leads to a night of passion. 
  • Sonny asks Claire to get Jason released.
  • Sam hurts her ankle and Jason carries her to a wooded campsite where they share a romantic evening together.
  • Jason assures Sam that he loves only her. 
  • Jason, Sam and Lucky barely escape the burning cabin.
  •  Nik overhears Robin's discussion with Liz and realizes that she's not ready to be a family with Nik.
  • Nik makes an unselfish move and arranges for Sarah to invite Elizabeth and the kids to come stay with her.
  • Michael pleads his father's innocence to Jax and Dante.
  • Michael discovers Carly is paying Brook Lynn to seduce Dante, and he confronts her.
  • Jason tries to persuade Carly to stop seeking revenge on Dante and Lulu. 
  • Dante and Lulu discuss marriage, Dante is saved by the bell.
  •  Lulu is majorly pissed off at Dante and Brook but Michael clues her in to Carly's nastiness.
  • Lulu confronts Carly about paying Brook to sleep with Dante. 
  • Lulu suggests they take a break, but Dante refuses to let her go.
  • After Lulu and Dante jump on Brooklynn and Carly refuses to pay her for services that she didn't earn she's ready to leave town.
  • Nik offers Brook a place to stay and Money if he'll accompany him on a business trip.
  • Dante disagrees with Lulu's proposal and they decide to take a break. 
  • Dante and Lulu hit the sheets.
  •  Brenda faces threats from the Russian mob.
  • Brenda is committed to use her fame as exposure for the ASEC
  • Suzanne continues to urge Brenda to go back to Port Charles
  • Brenda comes face to face with Sonny. 
  • Sonny becomes involved with the ASEC
  • Lisa threatens Steve with sexual harassment. 
  • Robin warns Lisa that if she comes near Emma again, she will kill her. 
  • Robin melts down on Patrick in front of everyone at the hospital.  
  • Lisa approaches Lucky at the PCPD saying that Robin threatened to kill her. 

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Anonymous said...

Sami, I love the spoilers, especially those about Brenda. I sure wish I knew the actual dates these spoilers are going to happen. Anyway it is always a pleasure to read what up coming storylines are coming up on GH.