Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spoilers 10/05

  • Sam tries to intervene for Michael, when Claire begins poking around. 
  • Suzanne reminds Jason and Sam that protecting Brenda has a larger social impact than they think.
  • Carly pushes the boundaries of her friendship with Jason.

  • Dante gets a visitor
  • Lulu questions Dante's loyalty to the police department.
  • Sonny admits his love to Brenda. 
  • Jax and Sonny fight over Brenda in front of Carly.
  • Jason intervenes. 
  • Robin tells Brenda about her marriage problems.
  • Robin dissuades Jax from interfering in Brenda and Sonny's life.
  • Robin accuses Jax of still wanting Brenda.
  • Carly attempts to use Johnny as a distraction for Brenda. 
  • Brenda asks Robin for help. She wants Robin to help keep her away from Sonny. 
  • Ronan receives orders to kidnap Brenda in PC. 
  • Lucky and Siobhan consider taking things to the next level.

  • Patrick receives Robin's birthday present in the mail. 
  • Maya and Robin talk about bad boys and love.
  • Liz returns to work to find the whole hospital gossiping about Patrick and Robin. 
  • Robin decides to keep her relationship with Patrick completely professional at work. 
  • Robin is stunned to see Lisa show up for work.
  • Staff at GH are shocked that Lisa is out of Shadybrook and declared Sane.
  • Robin's reaction to Lisa's return makes her look crazy but Patrick stays by her side.
  • Maya and Maxie advices to Robin to keep it cool or Lisa will win.
  • Lisa continues to mess with Robin.
  • Robin believes Lisa is messing with her Patients.
  • Does Robin accidentally kill Lisa?


Anonymous said...

No! Please don't make Lisa any more crazy or evil, or kill her off in some cheesy Halloween finally. GH is officially lame if that happens.

Anonymous said...

I think the actress are great portraying the character Lisa. If the spoilers are true and she'll soon start working again in GH just like nothing ever happened i don't understand the writers. They should continue with the insanity story otherwise it is not plausible at all.

Anonymous said...

^ ...actress IS.. sorry for the wrong spelling.