Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spoilers 10/06

  • Luke discusses the Balkan with Jason. 
  • Claire has something hanging over Jason's head and you can bet she'll use it.

  • Robin slaps Lisa .
  • Lisa takes Emma and makes it look like Robin was negligent. 
  • Emma goes missing on Halloween.
  • Brenda decides to tell Sonny how she truly feels. 
  • Sonny introduces Dante to Brenda, and the pretend to not know eachother. 
  •  Brenda overhears Carly telling Jason that Brenda will come after Jax "like a heat seeking missile"  and Brenda overhears. 
  • Carly finally comes face to face with Brenda and goes into full on attack mode.
  • Carly tries to walk away but Brenda says she wouldn't have to be so insecure if she could've stayed loyal to Jax.
  • Luke visits Ronan in Ireland. 
  • The Irish police arrest Luke. 
  • Luke and Lucky need Tracey's help. 
  • Lucky and Siobhan have a romantic time in Rome. 
  • Ronan receives orders to kidnap Brenda.

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