Friday, October 15, 2010

Spoilers 10/15

  • Jason and Sam start to get hot and heavy, but Sam refuses to have sex with Jason while Brenda is at the penthouse. 
  • Spinelli tells Jason that the Balkan has gone out of his way to be invisible in cyberspace. 
  • Jason, Lucky, Dante and Sam set a trap for the Balkan. 
  • Sam leaves the penthouse after Jason tries to make up with her.
  • Jason and Sam almost make love, but Suzanne interrupts
  • Sam goes to Lucky for help. 
  • Alexis gets dragged into Jason and Sam's issues.

  • Sonny  witnesses a tender moment between Brenda and Jax. 
  • Brenda reflects on the times her and Jax spent together.  
  • Jason and Suzanne press Brenda to reveal the truth behind the Balkan's attack on her, but Brenda remains quiet
  • Brenda has a nightmare. 
  • Brenda tells Dante that there is no way Sonny would set off a car bomb after she tells him about what happened with Lily.
  • Ronnie has evidence against Sonny in the car bombing case.
  • Spinelli lands in hot water while trying to help Brenda
  • Luke asks Carly for a room at the Metro Court until Tracy will take him back. 
  • Siobhan convinces Lucky to take her along with him to find Brenda.
  • Lucky and Siobhan discover that Brenda is in Port Charles.
  • Ethan fills Luke in about being attacked by Johnny's men on the Balkan's orders because of his father's ties to "Ronan O'Reilly." 
  • Luke meets with Jason to talk about the Balkan.
  • Lucky and Siobhan get out of a tight squeeze and later, Lucky insists Siobhan come back to Port Charles with him for their safety and to maintain their cover to the Balkan. 
  • Tracy informs Luke she'll consider marrying him if he returns her $10 million. 
  • Ethan comes up with a plan to get his father back on Tracy's good side.
  • Ethan and Maya share a kiss, Luke collapses in front of Tracy, faking a heart attack. 
  • Ethan and Maya's scheme may not work when Monica comes to check on Luke.  
  • Someone photographs Jason and "Ronan" meeting together. 
  • Lucky asks Nikolas to house Siobhan at Wyndemere while Lucky tries to find Brenda for the Balkan. 
  • Tracy believes Luke is faking, until Lulu makes an emotional plea on her father's behalf and Maya doctors Luke's test results to convince Tracy. 
  • Tracy promises to take care of Luke, believing his life is on the line.
  • Someone takes Emma on Halloween dressed as a witch.
  • Robin wants to set a trap for Lisa. 
  • Lisa taunts Patrick in her underwear in the locker room. 


Anonymous said...

Omg! Jason and sam are never going to hav a baby if the writers don't even let them have sex!!

Anonymous said...

Personally I've seen enuf of lisa in her underwear! & who does suzanne think she is I hate tht she walked into port charles lik she owned the place and now she's joining the 'interrupt jasam lovin bandwagon' ... Can't wait to november sweeps! Hope jasam get tht baby!