Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spoilers 10/21

  • Brenda and Jason's bond brings out jealousy in Sam. 
  • Michael finds comfort from a stranger.
  • Molly asks for Michael's help when Kristina is being bullied in school.

The Balkan...
  • One of the Balkan's men kidnaps Siobhan. 
  • The Balkan tries to make contact with Dante. 
  • Brenda is grabbed by one of the Balkan's men. 
  • Dante comes to her rescue just in time.
  • Does Brenda shoot one of the Balkan's men?
  • The Balkan wants to trade Brenda for Siobhan.
  • Siobhan has a deep secret that could ruin her relationship with Lucky as well as her life.
  • Dante is assigned to be Brenda's bodyguard. Again. 
  • Brenda and Dante's secret involves a murder and the Balkan. 
  • The Balkan wants Ronan to bring Brenda to the warehouse. 
  • Jason wants the Balkan dead. 
  • As Sam is posing as Brenda waiting for "Ronan" to kidnap her, Brenda takes off when Dante turns his back.
  • Jax stands Carly up.  
  • Carly finds evidence on Brenda that could bring a dangerous secret out.  
  • Patrick apologizes to Lisa.  
  • Brenda visits the Quartermaines. 
  • Sonny's relationship with Claire threatens her career.
  • Dante's secret could ruin his relationship with Lulu.
  • Carly talks Spinelli into investigating Brenda.

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