Friday, October 22, 2010

Spoilers 10/22

October 27, "GH" airs an encore presentation of their December 1, 2005 episode. In this episode, Jason and Sam spend what they believe are his last days in paradise; Georgie is held hostage by Diego; Jax asks Elizabeth for relationship help; and Luke is protective of his little girl.

  • Brenda and Sam share an awkward encounter. 
  • Sam insists that Jason uses her for bait to lure the Balkan out. 
  • Brenda makes her own plans after hearing Jason and Sam's plan. 
  • Jason, Lucky and Dante help transform Sam into Brenda. 
  • Dante must keep Brenda in the penthouse. 
  • Swavek contact the Balkan after overhearing the truth about "Ronan's" identity.
  • Siobhan is approached by a frightening figure outside of Wyndemere. 
  • Brenda asks Sam if she wants to have a family with Jason. 
  • Sam has to tell her about not being able to have kids.
  • Brenda remembers her past with Jax. 
  • Brenda has a nightmare. 
  • Spinelli plays the fool for Brenda. 
  • Brenda slips away from Dante's watch and races to get to the warehouse just as "Ronan" is kidnapping "Brenda."
  • Sonny is hurt when he sees Brenda and Jax sharing a moment.
  • Monica arrives to check on Luke. 
  • Lulu pressures Lucky to help get Luke and Tracy back together. 
Teen Scene...
  • Molly goes to Michael for help when she learns Kristina's "friends" has set her up to fall.  
  • Michael refuses to continue his conversation with a hostile Kristina who accuses him of lying about Sonny's part in the car bombing. 
  • Kristina confronts Johnny and Ethan demanding the truth. 
  • Believing Johnny and Ethan's claim that Sonny is innocent, Kristina reconciles with her father.  
  • Michael meets with Candy again.  
  • Patrick does what he thinks is best for Robin. 
  • Robin and Sonny share a powerful moment. 
  • Lisa watches Emma and Robin arrive in their Halloween getup. 
  • Robin panics when she reaches for Emma and she's gone

  • Olivia tries to broker peace between Dante and Johnny. 
  • Olivia and Johnny are looking for love after their Break-up. 
  • Michael and Dante bond as brothers.  
  • Lulu states her claim to Dante while she tries to get Brenda to do the Crimson shoot. 
  • Claire informs Dante he's been hired to guard Brenda.
  • Carly laughs at Lulu's request about Brenda.


lbarr said...

Love Brenda, but can someone please give her a manicure? or even some some polish remover.....c'mon chipped dark polish is about as tacky as it gets!

Anonymous said...

Brenda annoys me most of the time with her " eeehhm.. aaaah.. i'm going to eeeh aaamm...i'm sorry to eeehh...aaamm...". Why is she constantly stretching her mouth weirdly. Look at her when she talks! What's wrong with the lips?? I doubt the director exhorts to act like that. The character so far has been a big disappointment for me.
The only thing that makes me like her is that she has been nice to Sam. I hope it remains that way.

Anonymous said...

Brenda annoys me. If they want me to like her they need to reduce her airtime. To much is overkill.

Even though we all know Sam is way prettier then Brenda and they hold little resemblance I'm loving how Sam is ALWAYS willing to help others out. She really deserves to be acknowledged for it.
Give the Girl the key to the City, lol

I can't wait for SAM to be doing something onscreen and her actually being used for her awesome talents...
(please don't let it be a one/two minute scene then Brenda takes over for the next 40 minutes, Ugh!!...or I will be, yet again, a disappointed fan)

Anonymous said...

October 25, 2010 11:43 AM

I'll co-sign this if you don't mind. Exactly what i've been thinking.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Sam is way more annoying than Brenda

Anonymous said...

Brenda is way prettier than Sam.

Anonymous said...

^ Your opinion.
I can't see anything attractive or pulchritudinous in Brenda. I think she was more natural and beautiful before (watching old YT-clips). Now her face looks stiff and her mouth awry when she speaks. I'm so disappointed and already tired of her constant giggling and screaming and i know i'm not the only one. I'm a new viewer so i expected more than this annoying damsel in distress nonsense. Is the real Brenda really like this??? The only thing i've liked about her so far is that she has been nice to Sam. Sam is everything Jason said; Sam is better than brenda in every way possible, she's beautiful, strong, capable, caring, loving...
I'm a happy Sam fan :)