Monday, October 25, 2010

Spoilers 10/25

  •  Sam and Brenda talk about having a baby in the mob.
  • Sam attempts to talk about the future with Jason, but Jason side steps it. Sam wonders if it's because of Brenda.
  • Jason doesn't believe Brenda's story. 
  • Liz doesn't like the affect Brook has on Nik. 
  • Brook realizes she has stronger feelings for Nikolas
  • Brook wants Liz out of the way and comes up with a plan.
  • Liz suspects something is wrong with Siobhan when she sees her meeting up with one of the men who hurt Lucky.
  • Siobhan accuses Liz of being jealous.
  • Lucky makes a drastic move to keep Siobhan away from danger.
  • Carly decides to snoop through Brenda's room.
  • Carly finds out the truth about Brenda
  • Carly's hate for Lulu resurfaces in a huge way, as Claire's threats become more serious. 
  • Carly wants to use the information to hurt Lulu and Dante.
  • Jax makes the wrong assumption about Johnny and Carly
  • Jax asks Brenda to dinner. 
  • Jax confronts Jerry.

  • Claire loses her credibilty but she won't lose Sonny.  
 Teen Scene...
  •   Micheal's first really intimate moment leaves him terrified.
  • Luke and Tracy decide to get married. 
  • Luke gets cold feet. 
  • Edward wants Maya and Ethan to keep Luke from running. 
  • Luke shows up last minute, and they get married.
  • Lulu asks Dante why he's been so distant.
Ethan & Maya...
  • Ethan and Maya end up sleeping together after a night of drinking.  
  • Maxie questions that she's pregnant.  


Anonymous said...

Maxie pregnant? The bigger question is who's the daddy? Matt or Spin? I hope it is Spin but I doubt Guza allows this to come true.

Anonymous said...

Spin??? No way... I hope Matt is the daddy.

Anonymous said...

The only one that better turn out to be pregnant is SAM! If she doesn't I'm gonna be pretty pissed. Just about as pissed as I was when Jiz happened.