Monday, October 25, 2010

BREAKING Disappointing News

Tristan Rogers (Ex-Robert Scorpio) Joins the Young and the Restless.  According to TV Guide Magazine Tristan is heading over to Genoa City.

A show rep tells TV Guide Magazine he'll play "a mysterious and charming stranger named Colin who comes to Genoa City with a dark secret and a threatening agenda." Rogers, whose role at this point is considered recurring, will start shooting Y&R October 27 and hit the air December 8.

As a loyal GH fan this really upsets me.  Why not have Robert come to town and join in the Balkan escapade along side Luke Spencer to save Lucky?  


Anonymous said...

This is AWFUL for any GH fan. I will never understand why they haven't made an effort to bring back Tristan Rogers. GH has never been the same or enjoyed the ratings success that it did in the 80's since they lost Tristan Rogers. There are so many stories he could be part of right now: Robin/Patrick/Lisa, Mac being shot, Luke/Tracy, Lucky/Jason/Balkan. I mean, Robert Scorpio has taken down people nastier than the Bulkan ten times over. They waste their veterans, hire these newbies. Who cares about 2 mid 20 year old girls working at a fashion magazine. Who cares about Sonny Corinthos any more? He hasn't been appealing since 1995. GH wants to dominate again? Go back to what worked. Stories about the hospital staff, balanced by action adventure that doesn't involve the mob. Step one BRING BACK TRISTAN ROGERS, JACK WAGNER, and FINOLA HUGHES AND GENIE FRANCES!!!!

Anonymous said...

^ I'm sorry for your resentment about GH's future when they loses the older generation of the show. I didn't watch back then but what i've seen in the old YT-clips TR was a great actor not to mention his character RS. I miss Monica of the veterans.
You asked who wants to watch this GH with the Mob and Fashion etc. What i've been reading from several boards a lot of viewers love GH because of above-mentioned. Also some long time viewers miss the veterans too but i think TPTB are no way going back to the past. I like the mob aspect but the show could make more balance with also the hospital part. What i miss is well written stories for all the characters. What irritates me is all the Brenda-hype that's currently going on. It makes the whole show confide. I'm very disappointed in the character. I was so open and curious about her but she doesn't convince me at all.

GHfan94 said...

Yes! I love GH but I'm also a huge Y&R fan so I'm glad that if I don't see him on GH, I'll at least see him on another one of my favourite soaps. Can't wait for him to be back on my screen! =)

Anonymous said...

I was around to watch the GH in it's golden years under the inventive hand of Gloria Monty. Nothing before nor since has topped it. For GH NOT to pick up TR is insane. He is a fine actor and is a darn shame that Guza has taken the mob to the heights that he has.
There are those of us who would love less mob and more of what put GH on the map. And some of that is TR!

I have never watched Y&R but they will soon have another viewer. ME!
GH's loss is Y&R's gain!

Anonymous said...

I know what you talk about but if you really think about the actors career in anywhere so you have to admit that actors moving to other shows is part of their progression as actors. Everyone take their break from the acting/ show and that's fine. As a viewer I don't want to watch the same face 24/7 year in, year out although the actor or actress would be my favourite. I wouldn't like it if KeMo or SBu (Jasam is my couple)would leave GH but that's how it will one day be and i'll be feeling wistful. I don't think it depends only on TPTB whether the actors leave or not. The writing and acting has to be in balance so that the viewers can stand by the show. Staying only in a certain show doesn't make any good for anyone. Emily's or Brenda's returns were not so successful as expected, so bringing back a certain actor doesn't guarantee popularity of the show. I like the mob and sometimes i feel the hospital part very boring but i still try to find something to hold on.
Jimo of course.

Anonymous said...

I loved the days of Robert, Anna, Tiffany, Sean, Frisco and Felicia.

The Quartermaines were great back then too. (Probably because most of them were still living)