Friday, August 15, 2008

8/15 Spoilers & More

CarJax... Jax learns of Carly's actions regarding Karpov next week and he isn't happy. Carly defends her position on getting involved with the Karpov situation to Jax, which causes more problems for the couple. Kate and Carly's rivalry is not over with.

LuSam... Lucky rethinks Sam's association with Karpov next week when things get dangerous. Karpov is impressed with Sam. Liz keeps hush hush about Lucky, Sam and Nikolas's plans next week. Sam and Lucky admit the seriousness of their feelings for one another. Lucky panics today when Sam is shot.

JoLu on the run.... Scott is determined to make Johnny and Lulu pay. LuLu thinks that the best thing for Johnny is to let him go. Johnny falls apart and breaks down while thinking about Lulu. Lulu seeks help from an unlikely source to help convince Johnny that they are done. Laura awakens long enough to comfort Lulu.

J-Lex.. Anthony refuses to let up on the pressure he puts on Alexis. Jerry is upset when Alexis becomes aloof with him. Jerry comes clean with Alexis.

Spixie... Maxie fears for Spinelli's health next week. Spinelli gets an operation and a infection.

Matt... Matt confesses to Maxie and Jerry hears it.

Liason... Jason and Liz continue to find themselves drawn together. Spinelli gets gabby in front of Liz and Jason isn't happy.

MobWar... Anthony goads Sonny and Sonny finds himself wanting to take the bait. Kate is not naive and sees Sonny is getting pulled back into his dangerous ways. Karpov questions if Jerry's connection to Alexis may overpower his loyalty to him. Jason receives an anonymous tip about Karpov.

Scrubs... Robin refuses to start a marriage on what she thinks is Patrick's impulsive whim to prove to their future daughter how a man should treat a woman. Robin and Patrick settle their qualms over their future. Patrick becomes suspicious of Matt's behavior

Nikadine/Naudia/Clic... Claudia is upset after her actions with Ric. Nadine's hopes are crushed when she sees Claudia and Nikolas together.

Dates to Remember:

Friday August 15th:
Johnny and Lulu’s nightmare is far from over.
Anthony manipulates Sonny to get what he wants.
Jason and Sonny finally talk about Michael’s shooting.

Monday August 18th:
Things go from bad to worse for Johnny and Lulu.
Karpov comes on to Carly.
Sam and Lucky tell Elizabeth about their fake break up.

Tuesday August 19th:
Lulu’s haunted by the notion she’s going to end up like Laura.
Jason is tormented by his actions.
Alexis turns to Anthony's son for help.

Wednesday August 20th:
Sonny has sobering news for Johnny.
Spinelli gets on Jason’s bad side.
Sonny opens up to Kate about his inner demons.

Thursday August 21st:
Johnny and Lulu are desperate to find a way to be together.
Patrick and Robin discuss their future together.
Lucky forces himself to be tough with Lulu.

Friday August 22nd:
Spinelli’s and Maxie’s stakeout doesn’t go off as planned.
Lulu is in bad shape after having another vision of Logan.
Robin makes a decision about Patrick in her life.

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