Friday, August 15, 2008

Hot Rumors of the Day

Robert is returning to GH for Robin and Patrick's wedding

Wedding is the last week in October and ends with Robin going into labor. Baby is born the first week of November.

Jason is getting shot again while trying to save Sonny. He "dies" and from what I was told he will not show up alive again until sweeps.

Kate and Sonny will not be getting hitched anytime soon. Kate and Jax both learn about the limo sex at the wedding. Sonny gets left at the alter.

There is something coming up for Scrubs in the next month that has to do with Patrick's mother. There may be a paternity question involved for Patrick that will cause him to reevaluate his life.

Ric Hearst (Ric), Maurice Bernard (Sonny) and or Steve Burton(Jason) may be leaving GH.

Vanessa will be back

Diane and Alexis won't run for mayor; story was shelved for Mob

Which giant golf-addict brought his clubs on set and wanted his character to say he was going to play a round at the PCCC?

Tristan Rogers will be at the Scrubs Wedding

Genie will stay longer

Considering bringing Serena back.

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