Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just In Spoilers! Truth or Fan Fic

TPTB were pleasantly suprised by the growing positive reactions Claire Coffee's Nadine. Although her character's backstory was tied with Night Shift's Jolene, the show will begin to lay the groundwork to connect Nadine with the Karpov's organization. It is the hope that connecting with another mob family that she will have equal footing with Claudia during the triangle between them and Nikolas.

More hints will be dropped about Trevor's real relationship with Johnny and Johnny's mother.

Crimson's first issue will published and don't be shocked if a petite brunette is on the cover.

Skate wedding is a go but Karpov wants revenge on Sonny and decides that gunfire should disrupt the wedding. Once again, Jerry will behind the shooting.Look for Sason to finally be united again as Jason takes a bullet to save Sonny.Jason and Carly will have lovely scenes in the aftermath of the Skate wedding.

Week of Aug 25Jax makes an enemy of the Russian (Karpov)

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