Friday, August 8, 2008

NS's BackStage Tension

It seems that there is tension backstage at Nightshift between Billy Dean Williams (Toussaint) and Sonya Eddy (Epiphany). Acourding to TV guides Nelson Branco an inside source says that Billy Dean Williams is prone to walking off the set of the SOAPnet series because of his dislike of the Toussaint/Piph pairing. A little birdie also told me if Williams shows up for his set call and they aren't ready for him right then and there, he will walk off in a heartbeart!


Anonymous said...

He probably thinks he is too good for a woman of size. And I gotta tell you, there is NOTHING still sexy about BDW. Granted, I never thought there was to start with, but I think HE did.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that BDW should be thrilled that he can have a part on a major soap like GH. The last I saw him he was pushing draft beer. He's a good actor but I can't see why he thinks he can act like a diva and walk off the set if everything is not to his liking. I don't know why he doesn't care for Sonia, I don't know her personality, but if he doesn't want to get romantic because she isn't a size 0 or 20 years old, he should get over himself. She might ask herself if she wants to kiss him. Actors are paid to perform. They read their scripts and do what is written on the script. They aren't expected to be in love with every actor they kiss, just convince us that they are. I hope BDW wises up or I imagine that NS3 won't have him in it and if word gets around that he's that difficult, he may find it hard to find work even on a beer commercial.