Friday, March 20, 2009

Spoilers 3/20

* Rumors say that Brandon Barash is out along with 3 more, as usual I'll keep you posted.

Scrubs... Robin becomes paranoid about Patrick. Patrick realizes he needs to do what is best for Emma even if it hurts Robin. Patrick will lean on Liz when Robin's condition heads for the worst.

Michael... Michael turns away from his parents just in time for Dante to come to town and he wants a connection with his father.

Slaudia... Jerry arrives and Claudia's secret is blown to pieces. Claudia begins to plan away out of her troubles. Claudia almost kills Ric but as he's about to die he tells her if he dies Sonny will know the truth.

Ethan... Ethan is Holly's son.

Kristina... Kristina will be the new wild child. She sets out to deliberately do what will upset her father. She'll do anything for some attention.

JaSam... Sam's PI business leads her to looking for her biological dad.

Alexis... I'm hearing that Alexis will get a new love interest.

Jolu.. Johnny goes to the Mob Summit.

Ethan... Tracy questions Luke about running a scam with Ethan.

Rebecca... Rebecca has a physical and they discover a lump on her breast and that want todo a biopsy. This triggers Nik and the Q's that she really does have a connection to Emily.

Helena... "Helena's plan may result in the "endgame" we've all been waiting for."

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