Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well guys this is all I have for today on the rumor mill: Enjoy!


The Mayor's mistress dies
Matt feels guilty, it's compounded when the family wants to file a lawsuit

Diane lets Alexis in on the complaint
Alexis starts to look into it, knows something is fishy, the Mayor interjects and tells Alexis to back off.
Alexis basically tells him to go to hell, then he blackmails her and says if he goes down, he's bringing Alexis down with him by outing the affair
Alexis almost calls his bluff, but reconciders after learning what Kristina has been up to as of late and has just been discussing that Kristina needs some stabilty
Alexis attempts to walk a fine line between covering for the Mayor and doing what is right
Kristina learns of Alexis's secret, she's enraged and publicly outs it

Jason and Sam will fall in love again
Sam's in over her head - new case says SOD.
From an Insider on SD:
question to insider: What days are Sam or Jasam on this week???
Thurs/Friday and Monday next week. Then Sam is not on again until June 15th
and the adventure begins!.

From SOD:
Emilys twin was sold for money on the black market (the ABC soaps are purposely copying each other? Marissa/Babe/Krystal), parents were bad off financially. Nikolas refuses to believe Rebecca knows this info, Alexis is sure she does. Rebecca thinks Emily was the lucky one - all those material things she got.
NL says Rebecca developed real feelings for her mark, Nikolas. "Not part of the plan." Helena becomes privy to the plot and Rebecca is intimidated by the dangerous and crazy Cassadine.

Michael fears he's going to end up attacking someone he loves. "He's the new Anger boy" from SOD

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