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Ok this is some stuff I picked up that is kinda interesting, as usual if any of it comes from SD, please take it with a grain of salt...

A supposed insider dropped these: Last week in June, leading in to the July mini sweeps, period there's a surprise love scene coming (And I think I know who it is but I'm not 100% sure) They are keeping it under wraps because they think it will bring in good ratings and they are going to keep it quiet until the last minute and then blast the airwaves with the promo.....Now guys who do you think this might be!!!...could this be where JaSam start to go romantic!!!

Who are the couples that you can mention w/ love scenes coming up?
Scrubs next week. Then I think the order is-----------
Then Sonny/Claudia
Then the surprise couple. I know this is the last week in June.
I don't know July couples yet.

And Ethan and Rebecca have sex here and there as well.

Luke is choice or by force?
Luke just disappears. No explanation at all. He's just gone. Tracy, Lucky, Lulu are all like, Oh he just does this, and Ethan is really pissed off for like one day about Luke deserting him and then goes, NO, something else is going on, this is where supposedly Helena has abducted him.
Tracy does file for divorce while Luke is gone.

Emily had stock in ELQ and Rebecca wants it.
Ethan and Rebecca's "backstory" comes to light. They've been sleepin' together!
Helena finds out about Rebecca's plan and wants in on the action
Lulu will get an eye full when she sees the two of them together and later warns Ethan he can't trust Rebecca who claims the two of them only recently met at the Haunted Star.
Natalia said that Rebecca has started to fall for Nik but it didn't play that way on my screen says the insider. As I've said a few times already tonight, with what I know is coming up with Ethan/Rebecca I was already worried about where this was going and that love scene did nothing to make me feel like its all going to be ok. I'm really beginning to think they may seriously be considering Ethan/Rebecca as a couple.

What sort of trap does Helena set up for Luke?
Does Rebecca not tell anyone she's responsible for his disappearance?
Insider:I don't think she sets a trap. She's harassing Rebecca, and Luke jumps in to rescue her. As I'm reading it, Rebecca runs away, when Luke intervenes, so she actually doesn't know that Helena kidnapped Luke. Eventually she does tell Ethan what happened and Ethan realizes that's the last time anyone saw him, but its not right away. Eventually Helena uses the fact that she has Luke as leverage against Ethan/Rebecca. So that they continue the con. But that's on into July.

Michael fights in a bar
Michael continues to push his mother away but has a tough time finding his place anywhere else
Michael will be moving in with the Q's. Its going to be a big source of action this summer. Lulu will be there a lot as well.

ANGER SEX: Claudia and Sonny
Claudia wants Jason taken O-U-T!
Sonny sees Claudia in a new light
Meanwhile, Claudia continues her games with Michael and subtly plays him against Carly. When Claudia, Sonny, Carly and Jax realize Michael is missing, he has managed to leave the hospital and make his way to Kristina's room. Carly overhears Claudia talking with her brother about Michael and the confrontation ends when the two of them fall down those DARN hospital stairs.

Jax finally finds out about Kate's Crimson involvement

Kristina thinks she knows just how to push Daddy's buttons
Today nuKristina makes her debut on GH! She shows up outside a bar where she runs into Jason. She shows up as a hell-raising teenager and gets involved in all sorts of typical teenage rebellion. One of the first things she does? Helps break brother Michael out of the hospital.

Does he go out like Alcazar or much more mysteriously!?

Olivia is the one that makes Sonny think the baby may be Ric's!

How does Dante/Chris cause trouble for Kristina?
Insider: All I know is that Sonny trusts him and decides he'd be a good bodyguard for Kristina. Kristina does not want a bodyguard. Someone said this morning there was more to it. I don't know any more. I do know that she is one of the first to realize he doesn't want Olivia to see him. But that's trouble for him, not her...

Uh oh, I'm even more confused now. I thought Claudia is the reason he comes to P.C in the first place?
Insider: She is but he and Sonny have an instant affinity so he asks him to keep an eye on Kristina.

Are Sam and Dante close? how do they know eachother? does Jason get "jealous"?
Insider: He's involved with the mob. (Actually he's an undercover fed but no one knows that.) He got into trouble on his first assignment and Sam quite randomly ended up being the one who rescued him. They are not former lovers or anything like that. But they had some close moments during the rescue and so they have a strong affinity.

Re-emerging on screen this week is the dashing Billy Dee Williams when he joins the day shift. Will Epiphany and Touissant still have a romantic connection? One tidbit on Toussant, he will prevent Michael from preventing a huge mistake!

Extra Tidbits from SD Insider take them with a grain of salt and as we all know in the soap world nothing ever stays the same, its all up to onscreen chemistry and the ratings!!!
This summer frontburner stories
Backburner stories
Robin/Patrick/Matt/Mayor's wife

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