Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"The RumorMill"

The Rumormill is wagging this is a scoop I got off DD as usual take everything you get from that board with a grain of salt...but I thought these were some interesting tidbits:

- No one at Prospect is safe aside from a select few who are currently driving stories and/or are considered "the faces of the show"

- There will be some surprises in terms of cast members who will be departing/written off in the next 6 months. And it's not just actors who have contracts expiring. Most will likely be characters not connected to the 3 main characters on the show and there will be some surprises.

- They are looking to bring in more "younger" cast members as they feel that's what the audience they are targeting is most interested in seeing and they are less costly

- The show is willing to pay top dollar for those actors/characters they consider the heart of the show now but the remainder are considered expendable.

Insider is JC re-signed?
Jason Cook has resigned short term

He was only a year contract to start?
As I stated expect if contracts get signed to be shorter term and primarily for storyline purposes. I believe and I am not 100 percent certain he was signed on for 3 months.

So his contract ended in May and 3 months sounds like to finish the story
To partake in a story. And it could be if they have another storyline planned, he could be resigned again.

Maybe I should be more articulate. In terms of casting and storylines, the direction of the show is changing. The direction is to keep a core set of key characters around and bring on characters for short term contracts to supplement stories as needed. Jason Cook could be extended for another 3 months or a year if a storyline get's outlined and accepted he could be a part of.

In terms of ratings, the show seems pleased that they have stabilized the demos and are hoping for stable ratings over the summer.

Brian Frons has no issues with Bob Guza to my knowledge.

Insider any info on why the show went with LLC over MW?
Megan Ward was only planned to be on the show for a short time originally. The show was pleased with her and resigned her for another year. I am not sure how Lisa play into all this other than Megan's character no longer fit into the story outline in place and Lisa's did. And I honestly can't say how long Lisa will be on the show. They like her but have not shown an interest in placing her under contract.

Did BA request Spixie romance for him to re-sign?
Bradford has not re-signed yet but is expected to. I am not aware of any specific requests made from him to stay on.

Do you know what's going on with GV's status?
I am not aware of any current change in his status but as I said initially there will be some characters gone over the next 6 months and it's not just actors who have contracts up. I don't want to imply Greg is one of those but IMO anyone who is no longer considered a key character has the potential to me off contract.

Insider do you have any info on Becky?
I am sorry I don't think I do. Her contract is up at the end of July and she has not re-signed at this point but I would expect her to, but with the potential cast changes upcoming I am not sure what the duration of her or any upcoming contracts will be. Aside from who the show considers to be key characters, there seems to be no interest in signing on any actor long term.

Response from poster: Don't worry about her. Becky re-signed months ago for a long term contract. That is why nobody talks about it. It is already a done deal.

Becky has not signed a long term contract yet.
To my knowledge Becky has not signed a long term contract only because the show is not signing cast members to long term contracts.

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