Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spoilers 6/17

Political Scandal...
  • Tracy begins to help Andrea get her hands on certain medical records.
  • Robin and Patrick continue to look into Brianna's death and they are receiving loads of help.
  • There is more to Andrea than we know.
  • Mac also gets involved.
  • Andrea makes a move on Patrick.
  • Rumors say that Andrea is the one that killed the Mayor's mistress. Andrea killed Brianna while Mayor Floyd went down to the gift shop to get aspirin for her.
  • After Mac charges the Mayor with murder, Mayor Floyd makes an announcement which involves Alexis. They had an affair after Ric slept with Sam.
  • Alexis is blamed for the murder mistakenly because of her short affair with Mayor Floyd. Sam is the one to eventually clear Alexis' name with Jason's help of course.
  • Sonny's feelings for Claudia suddenly change.
  • Rumors say a new mob family is coming to town.
  • Claudia defends Johnny to Sonny.
  • Claudia learns about Andrea and Dominic.
  • Claudia is trying to cover over her tracks.
  • Jason asks for Sam's help with Michael and Kristina.
  • The Political scandal/Medical mystery is what brings Jason and Sam together. They won't turn Romantic until they help all the people they care about which is Michael and Kristina.
  • Rumors say they turn to each other when Jason is upset about not being apart of Jake's life. Sam gets pregnant by this one night but doesn't tell Jason because they agreed there not ready to go back to that place yet. This is said to be Jasam's Big Story??
  • Steve and Kelly are filming a closed set on Tuesday, Love Scene?
Michael, Kristina & Morgan...
  • Alexis talks with Michael because she feels he is a bad influence on Kristina.
  • Kristina gets quite the surprise when Alexis shows up at Jake's and witnesses Michael and Kristina. Alexis is quick to blame Michael.
  • Michael moves back in with Carly and Jax.
  • Michael meets Johnny at Jake's and they play a game of Pool.
  • Michael and Carly go out to look for Michael.
  • Michael still wants to be just like Dad, Jason attempts to discourage him.
  • Carly's worst fears have her making a BIG decision regarding Michael.
  • Carly feels that living with Sonny is unsafe and decides its best for Michael to live with the Q's.
  • Kristina comes face to face with a killer.
  • From SOD: "Michael doesn't want to live with his mother because she's overbearing, but at the same time, he doesn't want to hurt her" Says DG " he knows he's unpredictable, but doesn't know to what extent, so he tries to get away. he sneaks out to go to his dad's, but Morgan decides to do the same, which leads him to being taken hostage by Dominic" Carly tries to talk Dominic out of it as Michael decides he wants to fight with Dominic.
  • Kristina won't forgive Alexis.
Claudia's Hit on Jason...
  • From SOD: Claudia hires Dominic to take out Jason but her plan goes wrong as usual. Claudia doesn't know that Johnny is with Jason. The hostage crisis allows Carly and Michael to come together and work together. "Carly and Michael try to take Dom from different angles" says DG "Carly is trying to negotiate with him, but Michael takes it upon himself to take him down. Obviously after staying in a bed for a year, he's not the strongest cat on the block. Dom immediately pins him and the situation is worse. It could have ended in death, but it doesn't" After this Michael feels that he should join the mob and follow in his father's foot steps. "He's thinking that what he just did would give him some street credit" says DG "but there's nothing he can really do.He's realizing he can't fight his way out of things" Carly then realizes its best if Michael live with the Q's. "it's a surprise" chuckes DG " But Michael has realized he's fighting a losing battle, so he figures he will cruise over to the Q's. Once there, he finds himself lured by the money and the history. he knows he's a Q by blood, so there is curiosity there" Edward then goes to Jason and tells him Michael will be more comfortable if Jason moves back in.

Euthanasia S/l...
  • Late July a very sick women comes into GH. She has come to PC to die, But not before she is able to reveal a secret that impacts the Cassadine family. The secret involves a Birth Certificate from decades ago, most likely the one Helena stole from the painting.
  • Touissant turns on the charm for Maxie.
  • There is a reason why Maxie is hanging around Matt. Evidence for Spinelli?
  • Maxie gets increasingly jealous over Jolivia.
  • Rebecca continues her game and begins to work overtime. When Rebecca goes to Wyndamere in a dress that is very similar to the one Emily died in.
  • Nik is having second thoughts about Rebecca.
  • Rebecca and Liz get into a fight and Nik sides with Liz.
  • Sam tells Rebecca to just cut her losses.
  • Liz makes it crystal clear to Rebecca that she won't let Rebecca con Nikolas.
  • Rumors say Tracy hires a prostitute to seduce Ethan hoping to learn what he knows about Rebecca.
  • Johnny and Olivia plan a trip together.
  • Carly and Jax enjoy some romance.
  • Jax tries to blackmail Claudia.
Ric & Alexis...
  • Ric isn't trying to hurt Alexis, he just wants his DA job back. He is also trying to get to Sonny because he believes he's the father of Claudia's baby. Ric feels that having the DA job is a good start.

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