Friday, July 10, 2009

Spoilers 6/10

  • Rumors say Jerry sets up a big explosion.
  • Sam will be presumed dead for around 5 episodes.
  • The audience will know that she is alive. Jerry will be holding her captive.
  • It will take awhile for people to find out she is alive.
  • Jason will be in denial about Sam's 'death' and be revenge striken.
  • Jason will go after Jerry with a vengence.
  • Spinelli, Johnny and Dante will help Jason find Jerry.
  • After finding Jerry, Jason and Sam have a heartfelt reunion.
  • A few episodes later they have a big conversation about past present and future.
  • Rumors suggest Sam does know Dante but she knows him as Dom.

Hit and Run...

  • Alexis will protect Kristina at any cost.
  • Alexis is accused of being on the road that night.
  • Diane knowing that Alexis is under a lot of pressure asks her if its possible she was driving.
  • Alexis denies it and gets angry with all the accusations.
  • Kristina worries that Michael and Alexis are getting all the heat when she was the one to do it.
  • Sam thinks something is going on and Kristina confesses her guilt to her.
  • Kristina tells her she isn't sure if she caused the accident.
  • Sam tells Kristina to keep quiet for now.
  • Alexis goes to Sam when Carly accuses Alexis of the hit and run. Alexis says that Carson is just trying to ease their guilt because they didn't deal with Michael's issues and gave him free reign.
  • Sam tells Alexis that Kristina is out of control and may have caused the accident.
  • Sam is afraid how far Alexis will go to protect Kristina.

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