Friday, June 19, 2009

Kelly Monaco Rumor

Remember this is just a rumor as of right now nothing has been confirmed. It was posted by an anonymous source at DD so we all know how that goes.

"Kelly Monaco and her long time boyfriend Michael Gonzalez are set to tie the knot finally next week in Aspen Co. I was told they are welcoming a new addition to the family and both sets of parents convinced them to "just do it.""


Anonymous said...

no way!! Omg1 This can't be true! kelly just got her figure back and has been doing all kinds of stunts during Peepshow. besides that, they would have to right it into the script at Gh, and Sam is supposed to be not able to conceive. So unless they are bringing back Alicia Montenegro as a vengeful but pregnant possible kill off which leads to JaSam raising a baby it would never work , she would have to leave the show.

Anonymous said...

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